Sunday, October 12, 2008

Levitt pavillion

We're at a concert, outdoors, at Levitt pavillion. This is the coolest place in Arlington. Well, the Ballpark will always be number one but this is number 1 and a half.

And, I'm posting from my phone! If I ever figure out how to put pics on here, we could really be on to something!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

I tried a "day in the life"

My intention last week was to show you, everyday, what my day encompassed. Well, I took pictures on Saturday night and Sunday, then skipped on over to Tuesday, then forgot I had my camera with me so the rest is just going to have to be pictured in your imagination.

Saturday night, Madeline spent the night out with a friend so Sadie, Anna and I had a girls night. Conrad was at his brother's house trying to fix his mother's car (no, she doesn't drive it anymore!). First we went to Dollar Tree and Sadie got some stuff to be crafty with. Here she is actually making her sisters visors. Very thoughtful in my opinion.

Sunday, I started with laundry...
Then Madeline came home and Anna was very happy to see her.
And before I left the house, I caught Conrad washing dishes...
...apparently, that's all the dish washing that got done, because when I got home it looked just like it did when I left.

I had meetings at the school. One was turning over my beloved Griffin Buck Truck to these lovely ladies, Cory and Amy. I told them how I did it then gave them the keys and let them go at it. I've heard no bad comments about it so I guess they did a great job!

Then, the PTO had to figure out our new by-laws so we could present it to the general population at a later date for voting. Here we are setting up for the meeting. It was a long one.
Skip to Tuesday! Here is Anna with her weekday family: Elaine, the one in the purple shirt holding Gavin and Ben has the stuffed animals in his hands. She really likes it there. Every time I pick her up, she asks if she can come back "Tuesday" which for her is tomorrow.
Then, skip to today when Father (oops, Monsignor) Joe showed us his new bat signed by Josh Hamilton. He had spoken of Josh in one of his homilies and a trainer for the Rangers goes to our church relayed that to Josh and he sent him the bat. Josh is just a really neat guy, by all accounts.
I actually sat down to do this blog on either Wed. or Thurs. night but due to technical difficulties (read - I was so tired at the first road block I gave up) it didn't get done until now.
Work is going well, I love the job. I saw and diagnosed my first broken arm this week. I don't think I can get any more detailed than that due to HIPA laws but, I was proud of myself.
So, there you have my week in a nutshell. I'll try to do it again soon. Well, Fall break is coming up so I'll be sure and have some updates for you then. Hopefully I'll keep you updated in the meantime.