Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy admin prof day

So, today was the official holiday known as administrative professional's day. I walked in this morning to a lively potted arrangement that will find it's way to my garden eventually. Then the cookie that I stuck in the arrangement as you can see in the picture. I was treated to lunch, chocolate covered strawberries, a Joann's gift card and two dozen roses. Not a bad for a holiday I totally forgot about.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Just ducky

There's a lady who comes in everyday to pick up. A student from Homework & Health (our after school care) and lately she's been bringing me a duck tucked into odd places like her pocket or sleeve. Today, this picture shows where it was.

I'm updating from my phone so I hope this goes through. If so, you'll be seeing lots of new posts!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bookfair at Barnes and Noble

If you would like to help our school's music department by doing something you may have already been planning to do...

Go to
Pick yourself out a few things you'd like to purchase
Go through the normal check-out process
After you enter the credit card information, there is a small box underneath that says "Check this box if this is a bookfair order". CHECK THIS BOX!

Enter the code: 10158616

finish checking out and that's it! You've helped ACA Music Dept. make some much needed (and appreciated) money!

I will be posting about Sadie's performance last night at the Barnes and Noble here, later. Keep an eye out!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday in the life...

Yesterday was a busy day in WanglerWorld, and it oozed on over to this morning.

First thing yesterday morning, and I do mean FIRST thing (like 6:30 we had to get up) Sadie had her last race of the year for running club at school. It was at the new stadium so everyone parked at our house (because Jerry was charging to park for a race - whatever!) and walked/ran over there. I stayed and waited for the stragglers and off we went. The race just started when I got there but about 8 min. later, two ACA boys come running down the final stretch to take the race. I was so proud! Some big ol' boy tried to put on the burners down the final stretch but our ACA boys kept on and won. Then Sadie comes down the stretch (well, there was a bit of time in between the first place runners and Sadie and several runners) but she finished 3rd girl out of ACA's runners. I was so proud.

They had all sorts of things for kids to do after the race so the girls went over and jumped, ran through obstacle courses and who knows what else and Conrad and Anna met us there, then I walked some people home.

I was hoping that Conrad didn't think I was planning on walking back to that stadium because I wasn't. But as I sat in the front yard debating the idea of going back to bed, it occurred to me that I could cut that stinky tree down that is in our garden. So, I got the hand saw and started sawing. I had that thing down and cut up into "garbage truck take-able sized" pieces before Conrad was even on his way back home. Our garden has now been de-treed and de-leaved (otherwise known as raked) and it is looking pretty good. My dream is to put some sort of stone flooring in it like bricks or what-have-you and put our table on it and leave places for plants in the stone. Like I said, that's just the dream. I'll let you know what we do with it.

Then, after the girls got home, I took Mads for a gift and to meet a friend who was taking her to a birthday party. Then the rest of us worked in the yard and then sat and talked to neighbors and listened to the Ranger game until it was over.

After the Ranger game ended, all Wanglers and Brady walked over to the ballpark to hear Clint Black in concert. It was a really good concert and yes ladies, Clint still looks good in those jeans! While we adults were listening to the concert the children went over to the hillside to roll down the hill. If there's a hill, kids are going to roll down it, right? So, we're watching that and listening to the concert when I suddenly notice Anna isn't with the other kids. Conrad goes over and I can see him really fussing at Mads and I catch his eye and do the universal motion for "so, does anyone know where she is?" and he gives the universal sign for "OMG ANNA IS MISSING"!! So I go find the nearest uniformed men and tell them the 4 year old is missing, what she's wearing, what color her hair is, etc. and they get on their radios and get the word out. Then, a ballpark security guard comes walking up with her. I hugged her and thanked her profusely. She told me that Anna didn't know her name and I assured her she knew her name that she could even write it. I then told her she just doesn't talk to strangers. She acted like I might be trying to pull the wool over her eyes but said "OK". So, Anna didn't leave our sight after that. Conrad was getting on to Mads earlier because while he was trying to find the youngest child, she's all worried because Sadie is trying to use her cardboard to slide down the hill. He's trying to impress upon her that Anna is missing, cardboard doesn't matter!

Then we came home and discussed going to the implosion of Texas Stadium this morning. I kinda wanted to go, the kids really wanted to go and I could tell Conrad wanted to go, too. So, I talked him into letting me sleep in and watch it on TV while he and the girls went out there. I'll be honest, as soon as they left, I decided I wish I had gone. I did watch it on TV...well, I napped during it on TV and had to rewind to see the actual implosion. I have it recorded if anyone wants to watch it. In fact, you can click here and watch it.

And, the last bit of the weekend, Mrs. Froese (Sadie's running coach) ran the race this morning over at the stadium (adults raced today) and won! We're so proud! I only know this because she parked at our house this morning and she came to get her car and told us. Way to go Mrs. Froese!

So, now we're taking it easy, even missing church to catch up on sleep and sanity. I am doing laundry and will grocery shop and get all this stuff picked up outside but, other than that, I'm not doing much today. I'm hoping God forgives for us skipping church one day.

So, how was your weekend?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Opening Day of the Texas Rangers winning 2010 season (hope springs eternal!) has come and gone and it did NOT disappoint. My hot dog bun was even fresh! Read why I wrote that one here:

The only thing that isn't good is that my traditional "walking to the ballpark" pic I took got deleted due to a glitch in my camera. Meaning, I purposely deleted all pics on my memory card before we went so I'd have plenty of room for pics and I got two, 2, count 'em, one...two, pictures on there before it told me my memory card was full. Blasted memory card! So, I did the only thing I knew to do and that was reformat the card which meant I lost everything on there. (All two pics.) So, unfortunately you won't see the traipsing through the neighborhood on the way as you usually do. Is that a collective "awwwww, shucks" I hear? I know, I feel your pain.

Here's a link to the first blog about opening day '06

But, a great time was had by all, with the possible exception of Anna who did NOT like the fireworks that went off before the game started, nor the loud cheering of the 40,000 + fans at the ballpark. But, after awhile she settled in and everything was good.

Here's everyone lined up before the National Anthem. Sung by Neil McCoy (again). I think he sang it the year I was so upset about not hearing the flyover, remember that? (see the first linked post above)

The big flag. I love the big flag. It's

Here's the end of the National Anthem along with the big flyover!

The a paraplegic, who lost his legs in a training exercise, parachuted (yes, I said parachuted) in with the game ball that Roger Staubach threw out. Roger was asked to do it to promote Superbowl 45 to be played right down the street. Like it needs to be promoted, right? Anyway, he did a great job throwing it out.

And the Rangers won in the ninth inning. How could you beat a day like that? Beautiful weather, not too hot, not too cold. Sun came out about the 5th inning so not too much sun. I wasn't at work, I'm thinking it doesn't get much better than that.

Say it with me..."GO RANGERS"!!!!!!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE!!! This is one of my favorite holidays. The church services are so inspiring and reminders of why we serve God. He gave his ONLY son to save us and today we celebrate that HE conquered death and evil, thereby giving us eternal life if we only choose to believe. How cool is that? The church is decked out in it's white finery and beautiful songs are sung. I just love it.

Another reason I love it is that it's a family thing for us. Last year, Aaron was here as well as Jon Michel. This year it was just Jon but he carried on in the tradition of being here and participating in the egg hunt, although this year, I delegated the stuffing of the eggs so he didn't have to do that.

The morning started off with a visit from the Easter Bunny. Anna got her stuff out of her basket and Banda quickly took over.

Then to church, as I said, beautiful flowers, lovely Mass, beautiful music. Then, the traditional Easter egg hunt. Anna was off to the races as soon as they said "go".

Then home for the traditional Easter dress pictures. Here's Sadie...brown, hmmm, how different for her...NOT!

And Anna...cutie patootie. Mumsey, I know you will notice the shoes. Yes, she has her Easter shoes, we're just not sure where #2 is. Earlier, I had found one so I put it on her dresser. Then, last night, I decided to look for the second one so I wouldn't be in a tizzy this know, not gettin' my blood pressure up and I go look in the closet in her room and lo and behold there it is. So, I go to put it on the dresser and the first shoe I put up there isn't there. I looked for awhile, but I finally "let it go" and told Conrad he'd have to find it because he was the one who let her wear them before Easter. This morning she went to church in these pink sandals which looked cute but, that's not the point is it? "Let it go"...

And, Madeline. Not really surprised about the dress, looks just like something she'd wear. Nonnie took them Easter dress shopping so I didn't know what they got until they got home. Mumsey, you did good!

After the picture above, guess what Mads had to do?

Yeah, "that".

A neighbor saw us out taking pics and offered to take all of us together. Thanks Hillary!

Here's Jon!

Peggy (Conrad's mom) also came but I just realized I didn't get one picture of her while she was here. Major shame on me.

Dinner was a group effort. I had food cooking in my oven and so Lisa cooked the rolls. She also brought the salad, which was really yummy. My friend Jackie came and brought chicken, potato casserole and banana pudding. Conrad smoked a ham and I made corn casserole and cupcakes. It was a delicious meal shared by great friends.

As I said earlier, I delegated the Easter egg stuffing out to my neighbor Andrea. Then she and Kelsey hid the eggs in her backyard and the kids found them all.

Jackie's husband and son also came and took part in the festivities.

Hunting eggs.

Jackie got a new car! It's a beauty! Congratulations!
I was so happy Jackie and her family could join us.

I hope your Easter was a lovely time, shared by family and friends.