Sunday, September 30, 2007

More on The Lion King

In response to last night's blog, I have these links for you:


I hope you enjoy some music from this fabulous show.

And, I was given this information about the person who created the animals and directed "The Lion King" on Broadway. Enjoy!

Maybe more than anyone wanted to know about the Lion King but it is interesting and engaging.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Lion King

We went to see "The Lion King" today (the "real life" version, on stage). It was so much fun to see it through the girls' eyes. They were astounded by the animals and really enjoyed it. Yes, I know you're not supposed to take pictures and this is the only one of the two that turned out (if you can call it that). But, there it is.

It was an awesome production. The animals are unbelievable. It's amazing to think someone in some production meeting went "what if we make people to look like animals?" I think that production meeting went something like this:

Person #1: What if we use people to make the animals come to life? Elephants, giraffes, lions, etc? What if we have them walk down the aisles through the audience?

Person #2: Sure, we can do that.

Person #3: What if we make half the stage lift up?

Person #2: Sure, why not?

Person #1: What if we use people to make grass, flowers, vines, etc.?

Person #2: We can so do that!

Person #3: Person 2, are you on drugs, or can you really do that?

Person #2: Well, I just don't see why it can't be done.

That's how I imagine the production meeting going. I hope you enjoyed it.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Before you watch the video, which isn't by any stretch riveting - I mostly filmed for the noise)...I must say that yes, this was our main bathroom's bathtub on Sunday and Monday. Our plumbing decided to back up on Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church. I was taking my shower and all of a sudden, the shampoo bottles we have on the floor of our shower (stall) were tipping over. That's not normal. Normally, the water flows freely down the drain. Not that day! Floaty, floaty went the bottles. Well, I know enough to know that I need to get finished quickly.

So, I get out and sure enough, water is leaking out of the bottom of the toilet. Don't ask me from whence it comes, it just does, all over the bathroom floor. I, ever the quick thinker, grab the toilet tissue, which we have so cleverly stored right by the toilet - on the floor -, and save it. Yay Me! If ever I get to go potty again in my bathroom, I'll have paper!

So, Conrad spent all day Sunday working on the plumbing in our home. I made sure to "go" whenever we went somewhere -men- avert your eyes...(it was "that" time of month, to add to my joy of living on Sunday) OK men, you can look again...or I went across the street to my benevolent friend Lisa's house.

At some point, Conrad used some God awful stuff down the drain and it smelled like poo. Sulfur, I think is the smell. I had to bring in Anna to change a diaper - way past time - and I nearly gagged at the smell. Conrad was just sitting there (waiting for the stuff to work) like it smelled like baking cookies in here. I asked him how he could sit there in that smell? He said "what smell?" uuurrrggghhh! Well, the stuff didn't work. Neither did all the other things my patient husband tried. So, I got to call a plumber.

Now, Monday wasn't a typical day. It wasn't like I was going to be home all day to wait for a plumber. No, I had to do another "Griffin Buck Truck" run. Friday wasn't enough. But that's a story for another day. So, I was going to be up at the school allllllllll day! Well, I call the plumber and she says she can get someone out there in about an hour or so. I told her that I would need her to wait for awhile so she says she'll call me when they can do it. (I told her preferably after 4 - if you can believe that!) So, at about 11:45 she calls and says someone is on their way. It just so happened that we had to put the truck up for about an hour and I was about to make more Griffin Bucks (oh joy, oh rapture!) so I said "I'm on my way!". All the while thinking "this better be quick, I gotta get back to the school"!

So, I meet the guy (Jose) and he goes in the backyard, not where the clog is. He goes up on the roof and apparently the higher off the ground he goes, the higher the fee, and he can't get to whatever it is up there. (The video is while he is up there - it made the house rock with noise - what do I do? Go grab my camera, of course!) Back down he goes and into the bathroom and off goes the toilet. 1 minute and he's done. I ask him to unclog the front clean-out so the washing machine will drain properly - well, he's here isn't he? and he gets that done and off I went, back to the school, just in time for the last run of the Griffin Buck Truck for the month. Man, if you don't see God in that timing, I don't know what to say.

So, all that black gunk - yeah, I know what it really is...-in the bathtub? It's gone. Clorox clean-up is great. Makes everything smell cleaner and look cleaner. There's still a stain but I feel like all the germs are gone. The "master bath" was clean in time for my husband to come home, take a shower and then take the girls out to the Ranger game. He asked what I was going to do while they were gone. I said "have myself a personal little breakdown".

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Pictures have been found!

The pictures have been found! However, something's going to have to change for this to go on. This was a pain in the hiney to get these on here. But, I'll get it figured out in no time, I am sure. Quit your laughing, it could happen.

OK, even though I knew I would not be able to blog while the computer was in the "hospital" I took pictures anyway. This episode of "Scenes From Lisa's Life" was funny. The camera was acting up and this is the only picture that was remotely focused enough to show you.

Madeline and Sadie came in with underwear on their heads acting like superheroes. Cracked us up. This is Madeline as "Underwear Girl". Even Anna wanted in on the act. She kept patting her head saying "panty". They went and got her some, too, so she was "Underwear Girl-ette".
On Friday (I can't remember which one, so much time has passed) the girls were part of a group of students from their school who all went to play games with retirees at 3 different retirement homes. These people played cards, chess, bingo and candyland. We went to the "Waterford" retirement home. This is Sadie playing with one of the lovely ladies who attended.

Madeline playing checkers.
Madeline playing Candyland with a nice lady.
One Monday morning, the first graders created volcanoes out of piles of sand, baking soda and vinegar. Here is the picture of Madeline's group.
Anna started going to Parent's Day Out. This is her with her backpack on. When we were walking up to the "school" she saw other children with their backpacks on and she was so excited. She kept saying "mama, backpack!".

When we walked into the classroom, she looked around in awe. One of the teachers said that she would have to give up her "binkie" until naptime. As soon as she heard that, she popped that binkie out of her mouth and set it on the table. I figured she would have a major meltdown but noooooo.... Then, she started over to one of the tables and with barely a glance behind her, she waved and said "bye". I wanted to tell her "I want some tears out of you, young lady! - At least act like you're going to miss me!". But, I figure it means she is well adjusted and well, maybe there's a part of her that needs to be away from me as much as I need a break from her. We sure are happy to see each other at the end of the day.Anna at her desk, the first day of school.

You may wonder why some things don't faze me or Conrad. You know, things like eating while changing diapers, watching a bunch of kids all at once out in the street while at the same time making sure they don't get run over by cars, finding a new box of cereal spilled all over the living room carpet (well, that one does get to me),etc. Well, it's because those are all simple things to deal with after you have to dress a child like this picture above. If you can enlarge it you will see Conrad is putting on Anna's shoes (to what purpose, I don't know, they're just coming off in the next 5 seconds) while she is essentially standing on her head. You try that sometime, it's not as easy as it looks. But, it sure makes the rest of life a little less threatening.

Sadie started playing baseball. Here she is in her uniform. She's a "Husker". At least her uniform is a normal color. Mads uniform for soccer her first year was bright orange.

Sadie during her first "at bat".

Madeline at the ballgame.

As an update: Sadie had two games this weekend, one yesterday and one today. Yesterday she got as far as second base (on a walk). They tied that game. Then today, she walked both times up to bat and crossed home plate both times. They are now 1-1-1. I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Wow, we're finally back on-line! Our little baby (the computer) is back where it belongs, in our home, safe and sound. It had to have it's operating system removed then reinstalled. I think we had a virus or something. I don't think it was one that infected others, I think it just infected us. If it did infect you, I am so sorry, I had no idea that we were even infected with anything. But, it's all cleaned up now and ready to go.

I cannot, however, find where my pictures go when I send them from the camera to the computer. They are not where they used to be and I have to get back to my schoolwork so I can't spend alot of time looking for them. I will find them and share them with you soon. Some are too cute to pass up.

Blogging has become such a part of my life now that when I can't it's like I've lost my voice. I am happy to be back and hopefully either later tonight or sometime tomorrow I will show you the pictures I took in the 20 days since my last blog.

For those of you worried about me (and I've heard reports that some were), thank you for your concern. I am back and will continue sharing my little piece of the world. Thank you for your interest in it.

Y'all have a great evening and I'll blog at 'cha in a bit!