Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween Eve

Some of these pictures are from Saturday night. Like this one...Rosie and Puss all snuggled up, loving each other like brothers should. How sweet is that?
And, Kelsey and her date Shane, before going to her formal dance "Carousel". She looked beautiful! At least I didn't cry this time when I saw her all grown up.
Now we get into more recent pictures. Last night was "Mathoween" at ACA. The kids got to wear their costumes with makeup (as long as there was no blood- too scary for the kindergartners). Here is Madeline in full costume, minus shoes. Heaven forbid we put those on too early!
Here's our little "death warmed over Cheerleader". I think it's actually called "School Spirit". But she wanted her face white with blue on her eyes. There will be more, hopefully better, pictures tonight.
And, Anna. She wanted makeup on, too. So she has some red on her cheeks and nose. She'll be all dolled up tonight. Stay tuned for more pictures!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Before you watch this video, I want you all to know that normally, Anna would not be drinking Coke or Dr. Pepper. She commandeered my drink (Dr. Pepper) and it was wetting her whistle whilst she kept us entertained by singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, little star". That is what she is singing at the beginning of the video.

And, just so you know, I've heard that Channel 4 replayed my interview yesterday morning.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Patty Cake

Anna loves to play "Patty Cake" and will ask anytime, anywhere. I finally caught it on video!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cowboys and ducks

This morning, the fog was so thick, I took this picture at the corner of where the new Cowboy Stadium or "The Stadium in Arlington" as we call it, or "Jonesville" or what it truly should be called "Landry Field" but, I digress. As you can see by the picture, or can't see, it was really, really foggy. You couldn't even see the arches or trusses as they are actually called. Pretty wild. Things get wilder!
As I am doing my "homework", dutifully studying with the front door open so I can feel the nice coolness of outside, I hear all sorts of helicopters flying over which means 1) there's a felon on the loose and they're trying to chase him down or 2) someone's been hurt at the construction site or - as I know is the case today - the "keystone" to the arch (or truss) is being set today. I feel the urge to blog it. So, off I go. I'm so easily distracted.

When I got there, there was a News 4 truck there and I was snapping away, see the picture?

Then, Mr. Adrian Arambulo, from News Fox 4, comes to me and asks what I think and I tell him and he asks if he can put me on the noon news. Well, duh, of course! So, he gets the cameraman and back they are for the "interview". He asks about 3 or 4 questions and that's that. So, I go home and wait for the noon news and there I am, lead story. Looking for all the world like one of those people they interview after a tornado and I actually said "My gosh, it's huge!" (or words to those effects) on the local news. I wanted to crawl under a rock. Conrad even says my teeth look horrible, so now I look like a grandma-tornado victim hooked on meth or whatever drug messes with your teeth. Great. Just what I wanted for my TV debut. Well, rather than make y'all go looking all over the place for the clip - which I know you can find because you're all so computer savvy - I'll include a link to it - just click here.

And, just so you know, no - NO I did not know my hair looked like that, had I known, I would have taken it down. I had put it up while on the phone so that when I got finished talking, it would be out of my way for transcribing. Hence the reason it looks like Anna put it up for me.

Then up to the school to see the unveiling of the Griffin Buck Truck in all it's painted glory! Jessica did a fantastic job. See for yourself...
It's got a grill, headlights and a driver! Recognize him? It's Mr. Simon.
This is one of the sides, see the ducks? I may not have told you but each month we're going to have a Griffin Buck Truck Duck. Here you see the Professor duck in the left corner and Rainy Day duck in the upper right corner.
And here's the winter duck. I love that it looks like a penquin. Jessica is in charge of her church's WinterFest and it's theme is penquins. I feel like it will always have a part of Jessica on it. And, how about that license plate? That was my request. I wanted it to have a vanity plate. Really, Jessica, I cannot thank you enough and I cannot even put into words how cute this is. I hope lots of people comment on it. Thank you for all your hard work!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our Fall Break

The kids had fall break last week and I'm finally getting to post our exciting time.

First, Jon Michel, my oldest, turned 21 on Monday. We celebrated at El Chico's then went to a <gasp> bar and watched the Cowboys game (yep, they won!) and played some pool (I lost, as did Jon) and I got to "hang out" with his friends who are all very nice and I really enjoyed being around them. They even acted like they liked when I played "Dancing Queen" on the jukebox!

Tuesday, we went to my Mom's house in Shreveport. This is what greeted us... (I made her stand back in the door so I could take her picture!) my Mumsey - not on a walker or anything!
How wonderful does that look? Can you believe just 3 short months ago she broke her leg and now look at her!

Wednesday, we went up to her church and she let Sadie play the organ. Here they are hard at work.
And this video is so you can hear Sadie playing the organ.

Anna's expression says it all!
Anna joins in the fun!

Thursday, we went down to the Lousiana Boardwalk and the girls got to go to Build-a-Bear Workshop and make new friends - literally - Sadie made a dog, Sugar, Madeline made a monkey, Curious George, and Anna made a turtle, Tinky.

Then, once Anna was down for a nap, I got to go to <gasp, again> a casino! The man who is in charge of all this God forsaken construction on our street found out I was going to Shreveport and gave me money to play the roulette wheel for him. I think he thinks the only reason people go to Shreveport is to go gamble. Little did he know I have never in my life been to a casino in Shreveport. He asked which one we were going to and I said (thinking ever so quickly) "do you have a preference?" He said "no" so I went to the only one I could find the entrance to - it's on the way to the Boardwalk. I didn't win any money for him, unfortunately. But, it was fun - ish. I think it would have been more fun had I known more of what to do. I just put the money on the numbers that he gave me and hoped for the best. Yes, now I know you can put money on the lines and corners, etc. but I didn't know it then.

And lastly, Sadie and I went letterboxing on the campus of Centenary College. There is a series of 5 boxes and we found 3 of them. The campus is beautiful and we really enjoyed walking around it.

This is Sadie with the contents of the first of our boxes.

We had El Chico's and Mr. Gatti's pizza and my mom actually cooked lasagna the last night we were there. Ok, Stouffer's actually cooked it, she heated it. But, it was still delicious. Thanks, Mom, for letting us come invade your home for 3 1/2 days. You're a great hostess!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Last Night was First Friday Family Fun Night at ACA. We played games. Susan, my Vice-President and friend, did a great job of planning and executing the games for the kids. This picture is Sadie trying to break a balloon. Not long after this, Anna pointed out into the hall as if to say "this is WAY to loud, mama, I want out, NOW!"

One of the games was crab-walking across the floor. Anna played, too. The person to her left is Sadie so it's really a bonus video of them.

This is Elsa Archangel. Isn't that a great name? We see her most every morning at school and she always says to Anna, "there's my little friend, you want to go with me?" I told her that someday Anna would say "yes" and she'd be stuck. Well, last night she did say "yes" when asked and she crawled up into Elsa's car and buckled up. She would NOT get out. Finally, I had to tell her that she could ride with Elsa around to the other side of the school but then, she would have to go with me. She did just that and was most upset with me that she couldn't go home with Mrs. Elsa.

This is Kolton (Madeline's boyfriend - who knows, maybe they're broken up right now, you never can tell with them) participating in the flipper/snorkel relay.

If Anna had gone home with Mrs. Elsa, she'd miss snuggling with her Daddy.

Here are my two atheletes, today, between their two games. Aren't they sweet?

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Visitor's Day

Yesterday was Madeline's first "vistor's day" at dance. She was very excited to have her guests which included: Sadie, Anna and me.

I would have posted this last night but my head was killing me by the time the girls went to bed. Worry not, I don't have a tumor or anything, I'm giving up Dr. Pepper. Yes, you read that right. I'm giving up Dr. Pepper. The reason is multi-faceted...I am hoping to lose a few pounds by giving it up, my health can only improve and it should save some money. Although when I think about it, I could have more expensive addictions, say, crack or heroine. In the scheme of things, I really won't save that much money but I can feel like I am. I'll still drink it when I go out to eat or other such occasions, we just won't have it around the house. Can you believe it? Oooo, I just had a thought, I could give up giving up Dr. Pepper for lent! Dang that lent, now I'll have to drink Dr. Pepper! "Don't throw me in that briar patch Brear Bear!"

Back to visitors day: Here's Madeline Chassez-ing around the circle. I'm not sure I spelled that right but you get my drift.

And this video is of Madeline singing "Dancing Tickles My Toes". Very cute.

And, lest you think because you saw these videos you don't have to attend any recital?...forgetaboutit! The recital is May 31 and Madeline has invited everyone she sees. If she hasn't invited you, yet, she just hasn't seen you. Put the date on your calendar!

This video is after Mads got finished and Anna wanted to dance. Mads is such a good big sister!