Saturday, April 25, 2009

The elusive #500

Welcome to the 500th post of the "Wanglerworld" blog. Because coming up with some sort of monumental list or memorable post essentially scared me into not posting for over a week (call it writer's block), I am posting about a wonderful event in the Wangler family: Madeline's first communion.

Today was the day! Madeline's turn to finally take first communion. And, here she is with her Godparents, Paul and Anita.

Nana even came to town to see the wonderful event. Although her GPS led her astray and she didn't get there until after it was over. We were happy to see her anyway!

In all her glory!

With Nanny and Parrain.

And, sister Sadie.

All three of my girls.

All of my family except Uncle Howard, and the Armstrongs. Cool.

One down...

...two down... more to go. See y'all in 5 years for my next "first communion" post!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Wow, this is post #499. A milestone of 500 will warrant some sort of celebratory post which, of course, will scare me into not posting for forever so I will try to stay focused and put out a really good #500.

In the meantime, this post will be a cathartic one. I have come back to the roots of why I started this post and it was brought home to me tonight in spades.

First, of all, Conrad took the girls with him to his soccer game which wasn't supposed to start until 7 which meant that they wouldn't be home until 9:30 or so which is late for a school night but, I had to work late and so this is the arrangement he made. That was fine with me. I would have some much needed "me" time and I appreciated his willingness to handle things. So, I came home, ate and relaxed, watched the latest TiVo'd Grey's Anatomy and all was well. Then, around 7:45 or so, here come the troops. Hmmmmm...

Then the girls played outside for a little while and then I made them go in to get ready for bed. I was talking on the phone to a friend and it took awhile so when I went in, I found Madeline making pancakes. Now, this is something she is able to do and has been wanting to do for a few days, the timing just hasn't been right. It would have been right tonight, had they not gone to the soccer game (that was cancelled, Conrad just didn't know it) and already eaten once tonight. So, I tell her that I really don't have a problem with her cooking but not after I've already told her to go to bed. So, I am a little hacked off at this point. And, frankly not handling it as well as I probably should have because I blamed it all on their father who was ensconced in reading his internet news and not paying attention to what his children were doing. (Of course, neither was I, I was on the phone, remember? - but I blame it all on him - so would you, don't kid yourself!)

So then, I go to take clothes out of the dryer which have been in there for a day and a half now (this is where the origin of the blog comes in) and notice that the already fed cats now have overflowing cat food in their bowls. Now, we have started giving the cats very little food (about 1/3 cup (each) two or three times a day. This is to keep all the strays out of the house. Well, that doesn't really work because they've (the strays or maybe a raccoon) figured out a way to get the seal off the Tupperware container we keep the food in. Smart animals!

Now, used to be, I would have taken a picture of this awful mess and put it on the blog and put with it the fact (and this is true) that Anna said when asked why she put so much dang food in the bowls "the bowls were almost not full" which, I will admit, was funny and would have been funnier if I had caught it on video (and, of course, I would have posted that as well) because the earnestness with which she said it was too cute. But, no, tonight? Tonight, I had to get all uppy-settey and fume whilst I cleaned up said mess. And, I'm sure Anna felt horrible about making the mess since I was fuming and fussing the whole time I cleaned it up (well, I can pretend she did anyway). And it was while I was cleaning up this mess, I realized, this - this was a perfect blog moment. The very thing I used to post about. The very thing that would drive me crazy but when I turned it into the amusing story that it already was if you looked at it from the blogreader's point-of-view then it was manageable. I could even find the humor in it.

So, dear readers, I apologize for not getting a picture of that dang cat food. For getting away from all the funny things that would happen daily in the life of the Wangler family. I'm sure they still happen, I've just been to busy to notice them or I just haven't found the time to post them and haven't had my camera at the ready like I used to. I'm sure my children would appreciate a little more of that mom that used to kinda laugh at the messy or crazy things they would do, because if I said "stop - let me take a picture of that" then I had to acknowledge that it (whatever it was) wasn't the worst thing in the world. I could use a little more of her. She was kinda fun to be around. I'm sure my kids kinda miss her, too.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter '09

Today's post is gonna be a long one! Lots of pics to share since I took all those pictures in Shreveport of the girls in their Easter finery. Believe it or not, you're glad I did that because we never got all three of them together in their dresses!

So, I'll let you peruse these at your leisure. Feel free to use any of them for your screensaver or wallpaper. I give you permission.

OK, well I don't know what happened to the single pics of Sadie. I had some good ones. I'll see if I can find them and put them on here. Be looking for them.
Last night was Easter Vigil Mass. For the non-Catholic readers, that's when the new Catholics come into the church. Baptisms, confirmations, first communions (for adults not Mads age), as well as the bringing in the new paschal candle and a whole host of other things happening. Father Joe, last night, compared Easter Vigil to the Super Wal-Mart of the Catholic year. So much going on and so much to see. It cracked me up. It is, however, my favorite mass. Oh so much going on, always ending in the "Hallelujah Chorus". Even I had chill bumps on my arms when we finished last night.
This morning, we got up, and did it again. Not the Easter Vigil but going to church and the Hallelujah Chorus. The kids hunted eggs at church, inside since God had provided rains to drown all the fires burning in Texas. Thanks!
When we got home, the boys came over and we ate yummy brisket, cooked by my darling husband and then the egg hunting proper ensued. First we hid eggs for the girls.

Jon Michel hid one of the "money" eggs in his back pocket. Guess who found it?

Oh yeah, she's no dummy!

Then, the girls hid eggs for the big kids. "Extreme Egg Hunt" they called it.

Look how excited they are!

Jon found one!

Conrad came away with the mother lode!

This is why they called it extreme. That's an egg perched on the roof of the house.

Jon payed Madeline two dollars for hints at the last egg which was "extremely" hidden. He started over to Ruth's yard with everyone else in tow.

So with extreme patience and some help from me, he finally found it. So then, I asked him if he gave her the dollars from the eggs the girls had found before and he said "yes", and I was extremely amused by this because those were Mads and Sadie's (and Anna's - but I'm sure she still had hers with her) dollars to begin with. I nearly fell on the ground laughing.
Well, then the boys hid them for Conrad and I and we're talking EXTREME extreme Easter egg hunt. It took forever for us to find them all, but we did!

I took about 3 or 4 shots of this and this was the best one.

My boys.

My baby boy and Jaime who still seemed to like me even though I thought she could be preggers.

Anna's found her place!
I hope you each had a blessed Easter and hope it was filled with God, family, friends, and chocolate.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Home in the nest

Proud moment for me...All my babies home tonight. And, my big ones have their significant others with them, Jon has Tylar and Aaron has Jaime. Jaime is a lovely young lady and NOT with child as I had feared when Aaron told me he wanted to come home for a few days and bring Jaime with him. I just remember making that same phone call and what I told my mother when I did come home. I couldn't help but think that that would come around to bite me on the buttocks and I would have one who did that.
Oh, Jon Michel had a big laugh...after I talked to Aaron I called him and asked "why is your brother coming home?" He told me he didn't know that Aaron had just texted him and told him that he was coming. Oh, I was convinced! Then, when I called Aaron to find out what time they'd be here and he told me they wouldn't be leaving first thing in the morning because Jaime hadn't been feeling well, that they would wait until around noon, well...that just fit, now didn't it? HELLO? morning sickness!!!!
Then JM just called Aaron and point blank asked him and Aaron told him "no". Yeah, they're still laughing at me about that one.
Everyone will be over here for Easter. Y'all should come join us! We're puttin' a brisket on, y'all come!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Opening Day '09

You know what time it is? It's Baseball Time in Texas!!!! Opening Day for The Texas Rangers and Major League Baseball in general. WooHoo!

I've turned off the music today so you can hear the videos that I uploaded. I hope you enjoy!

So, the day begins abnormally. I actually didn't mind getting up! Then I did the happy dance several times before the girls even got out of bed. Now that will always get some groans out of them. My happy dance can be unbearable for the embarrassable.

Then, on to school. We all went until 10am when they are marked present and the school gets their money for the day for the students. Then out the door we go. Pick up Anna, go home get dressed warmly for the temperature did not get out of the low 50's the whole game. And that wind was whipping!

Then Jon and Tylar came over and we all walked to the game. As we were going over the bridge, we saw a little family of ducks and, I know this shocks you all - but, I took a picture.

OK, well, if you enlarge the pic by clicking on it, you can see them.

Then, finally at the Ballpark! Mads played a game sponsored by Coke and recycling and won this cool shirt. Sadie won a lapel pin.
Then, inside the Ballpark, these guys are here every year. It's like coming home, frankly, when I hear them. Take a listen, play the video.

OK if you look above the top of the lower seating bowl, you can see a strip with stars and strips and Omar Vasquez. This is new this year and it's pretty cool.

This one, I'm not nearly as enamored with. This used to be the manual out-of-town scoreboard. Now it's the digital one. I miss the old-fashioned manual scoreboard.

Big flag...held by a troop that sang the National Anthem to the stadium while over seas on Armed Forces day last year (season). HUGE flag.
You may remember last year's Opening Day post and how disappointed I was in the flyover. You know, now that I think about it, I think I was disappointed in alot of things last year. You can read all about it here. Well, this year, the flyover ROCKED!!!! See for yourself, play the video.

Governor Rick Perry.

OH, yes, that's him Former President George W. Bush!!!!

GWB throwing the first pitch. He wasted NO time. He walked out there and threw.

GWB signing the ball for whoever caught for him.

Now, this is the best part of the day. You'll have to enlarge the picture to see what I mean.

Yes, it says that we won!!! 9-1!!!! About the only thing that could have made this day better would have been for it to be warmer. As I said before, it was cold and windy. REALLY cold and windy.
I would like to say that my "Open Letter to Tom Hicks" last year must have worked. (if you didn't visit the link to my last year's post above, you can do it here to read the letter) The hot dogs had soft buns, the french fries were warm (when I got them), they had "value" meals that included hot dogs, french fries and a drink for just $6.75 and there were funnel cakes right by our section. Well, I did forget to take advantage of that little perk but don't worry, the season just started and with a grand start like that, I anticipate a great season for my Texas Rangers.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Two days worth

OK, first of all, I couldn't find music to fit both of these activities on here so "Chariots of Fire" will have to do.

Yesterday was Ben's birthday party. Ben is Elaine's oldest son. Elaine is Anna's Mom during the day while her real mom works. hmmmm, feeling guilty? nah... Anyway...This is Ben, he turned 5!
This is Anna on the way into the party.
Ben loves mice. Hence Anna's whiskers and pink nose which you can't really see in this picture. But, look at this cake!

And look at these! Amazing, huh? I'm sure Anna's snacks are just as cute everyday.

They had a bounce house!
Yes, that's Anna. Can you believe how big she is?

And this is one of the gifts one of the guests brought. Creative, huh?

So, tonight, Conrad and I got to go have dinner with some high school friends of mine. Marty and San. You remember San, right? She's the one we went to Canton with. It was great to see her again and a hoot and a holler to see Marty. He will flat keep you in stitches!

Marty and San.

All of us together. Joe, San, Marty, Me, Conrad.

Marty and San acting like children. Now, Now!

Oh my, what a lovely evening. I haven't laughed like that in ages. Thanks, Marty and San for such a lovely evening!
Good luck, Marty on your job interview tomorrow. I hope it all goes well and you get to move here!

By the way, tomorrow is the Wangler Family Household National Holiday...OPENING DAY FOR THE RANGERS!!!!!! George W., the family and I will be going. You know the former Pres. is throwning out the first pitch. I'm so excited, I can't stand it. I'll have pictures!