Thursday, November 30, 2006

Snow day

OK, well, we'll just start off with stuff that stinks when you're a parent. I try to always encourage my daughters' creativity and allow them to concoct things or make things out of stuff around the house. However, my middle daughter, Madeline, has taken to wanting me to eat these concoctions. This particular one (pictured not so well here) is a combination of: pixie stick, marshmallow, tootsie roll (encased in the pink goo) and yogurt. She REALLY wanted me to eat it and was VERY hurt that I wouldn't. I tried to get her to taste it but she thwarted that with "I made it for you!". What's a mom to do? I waited until she wasn't looking then scraped it into the garbage. And, no, I never told her it was good or that I ate it. I do NOT want to encourage this particular area of creativity and giving.

Next: My dear oldest son's girlfriend (whom by the way I think totally rocks) sent this blowup SpongeBob chair for the girls. Cute chair, cute concept. Only problem? One chair, two kids to sit in said chair (Anna couldn't give a rip). I've now instituted the rule that goes in the van for the middle seat. On even days Sadie gets to sit in it, on odd days, Madeline. Madeline didn't like that because she has to wait until tomorrow to sit in it. I have to give it to her, I think she knows as well as I do that the likelyhood of that chair lasting until tomrrow is slim.

My oldest daughter has an odd idea of dressing warmly to go out into the sleet and snow.

I am showing this picture because when I went to do traffic duty at school today I had on this jacket. I totally forgot it was advertising a bar. Mr. Simon (the Principal) said he should fire me right there, that I was probably breaking 3 or 4 laws just standing there. I reminded him that it was a frightful day to be standing out there and he was lucky that I was and we could always say ...gain basement was worn away. ( The jacket says "Airport Bar.) It is one of my warmest jackets and big enough to wear over sweatshirts.

I love this picture of Madeline, it's just joyful.
I took this video so you could all see how it's snowing around here.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Early morning excitement

I got up this morning with Anna and as usual she was ready to eat. Look in the freezer - no waffles. Gotta go out to the freezer in the garage and hope there's another package. What I got was way more exciting. When I first turned the knob on the door I saw movement that was distinctly cat. Our cats were inside because they, too, were hungry and waiting patiently for me to feed them. I don't know what cat that was but I got out there in time to see it head out the back garage door - encountering this little fellow. Ok, maybe he's (or she's) not so little.

The possum hissed at the cat then ambled on over to the ladder that goes to the attic. I'm really not sure I am enjoying knowing this possum knows where the ladder to our attic is or that he knows how to climb it. Well, the jury is still out on that one. After I took this picture he fell and this is where he has remained. He's probably still in this same position scared to move. I've probably scared a couple of life units out of him today being so close.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Day after Thanksgiving

We went geocaching (the same as letterboxing only you use GPS coordinates instead of clues and there are usually toys in the box and no stamp) today and tied in a picnic with it so it was a lovely day all around. Except for Anna who might (not) have learned why we keep our shoes on. If you enlarge this picture (just click on it) you might be able to see the stickers in her foot (her second batch).

Madeline finding her first one in a while. How happy she was!
Anna showing Conrad how to use the GPS.
Anna having her first sliding experience. (see video)
Can you believe there was an ice cream truck in NOVEMBER! Sadie had a bite of Darth Vader (literally).

Happy Birthday Dana, James and Hannah!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving traditions upheld! Laying in bed and watching the "Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade". Of course, as soon as I was out of the room the channel was changed to "Teen Titans" but after a quick phone call to "Nanny" (who told them proper Thanksgiving Day customs in our family) order was restored.
Look how handsome! Jon got his hair cut! Here he is talking to his brother Aaron.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I will tell you the entire story of ours (and exciting it is!) when I get the pictures from Melanie. I forgot my camera. Can you believe it?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Busy day

Wow, today we did many things. We got the house clean (thanks to some help from the ladies at Victory Outreach - they are SO lovely and non-judgemental). We had pictures professionally done (you'll see the finished product later), we went letterboxing with our friends the Strengths and then we came home and I made the cornbread for corn bread dressing (yes, I know I should have done it last night but I completely forgot). And then the girls put on puppet shows. Although, I saw no puppets, they were cute anyway. Oh, and then I managed to fit in my test on the musculoskeletal system (I made 100%).
Here is Sadie in the midst of hers. It was about Mia, her huskie. Please don't quiz me on it, I don't remember most of it.

Sadie taking her well-deserved bow.
Sadie waiting to "do the lights" when Madeline starts. Notice the curtain their Daddy fashioned for them. He's so good.
Madeline making her entrance.

And you thought I was talking days. Nope! Here's part of the professional pictures we had done to day. And no, this is not the cutest one by any stretch of the imagination.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Flags of our Fathers

Today's blog has no pictures. I want to tell you what happened today.

I took Uncle Ernie to see "Flags of our Fathers". A movie directed and scored by Clint Eastwood. And a great job he did on both. I knew when we got there we were in for a treat because when we went in, (early) the credits were still rolling from the previous viewing and all the people were still sitting there. That only happens in movies where you are mesmerized into immobility.

We sat through many "first looks" and commercials since we got there so early and then the previews, then the movie. Wonderful movie. I whole-heartedly endorse seeing it. I love the Oscars and if this isn't up for one as well as Clint for director, then they're tainted as far as I am concerned.

About 3/4 through Uncle Ernie turns and asks me if I am enjoying it. I answered I was and asked if he was and he said "de ja vu". When you see this movie you will appreciate more that comment. How horrific is war. How heroic our soldiers (past and present) who give their lives selflessly for our and others freedom. And how guilty do the ones who live through it feel? How well did Clint Eastwood bring to life all of those things.

We, too, sat still during the credits as I imagine you will should you choose to go see it. And several people came up to Uncle Ernie and said "thank you for serving during the war" or words to that nature. (He had his WWII Veteran hat on.) And after the last one left he said out loud but I think I was the only one who heard "Yes,I am a veteran".

Friday, November 17, 2006

Glamour abounds

Sadie was playing "model" with Anna today and I think Anna had had just about enough of that. The swimsuit that is drooped about her knees is about 6 sizes too big. I mean really, who's going to hire a model who doesn't fit the clothes?

Sadie went to "Glitz, Glamour and Glue" tonight put on by Dance Theater Arlington. It's a fundraiser they do and the girls go for a couple of hours to Miss Persis' Dance Studio and they put on make-up and get their pictures made and make crafts and dance. This is Sadie in her make-up.

And her being ever so graceful.

And she wanted you all to see she picked silver eye shadow so she made me take a picture with her eyes closed.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Life happens

This was a "yoga" picture from last night that didn't make it but I thought it was cute.

Tonight was "Thanksgiving at Arlington Villa" where Aunt Betty and Uncle Ernie live. They always invite family to come out and bring a dessert. So, tonight we had dessert before dinner (a practice which I could whole-heartedly adhere to 365 days a year). The girls loved that. Thank goodness I had to go to choir practice and Conrad had to deal with the aftermath of that. I couldn't have after the day I had (which I will get to in a minute).

Aunt Betty enjoying some pumpkin pie.
Not the best picture of Uncle Ernie but he's having some of his favorite, Pecan pie. Me? I had some absolutely scruptious chocolate, peanut butter something or other cake which was to die for. It was chocolate cake with peanut butter flavored filling, Reese's PB cups crumbled on top with more of that peanut butter flavored filling dabbled in the empty spaces and little tiny chocolate chips around the sides and the top edges. Whoever brought that , if they are an employee at Arl. Villa, they need a raise. That was just plain good.

OK, so my day...I'll just jump ahead to the stuff that made me feel REALLY bad about my ability to parent. Last night, after procuring Kelsey to babysit Madeline and Anna, I told the Girl Scout Leader that I would chaperone as well as carpool some girls out to TCU for a nutrition "lesson" - for lack of better word. I had to talk Sadie into going but said she would because I promised to chaperone.

Fast forward to today...3:00 I call Kelsey's mom to inform her that I will be barely getting home in time so I need to just drop kids off and run. I don't even get that far when she informs me that Kelsey has choir after school (unbeknownst to her last night) and can't babysit. WHAM! My choices now are 1) send Sadie anyway, she really will enjoy it if she'll go or 2) Take Madeline and Anna with me. Hmmmmmm, I really like #1 but I PROMISED I would go. So I suck it up and decide to live with taking a 5 yr. old who won't be able to participate in the activities and a 1 year old who will have to sit in the stroller (even though for her that's pure torture).

When I dashed home after finding out the no babysitter situation, I had Sadie go change clothes (a major eruption of emotion during that activity-on both our parts) and I put the fundraiser cookie dough, that I had just picked up in the freezer, so it would stay delicious. I asked Madeline if she needed to go to the bathroom. "NO" she says. The back of my mind says "make her go anyway" but sometimes I don't listen. Just ask my mom. So after aforementioned outburst of emotion off we go to the park to meet up with the other girls.

While waiting for the other girls to show up, I allow Sadie and Madeline to play in the park. Madeline comes up to me and says "when you asked I really didn't have to go, but now I do". IT WAS 5 MINUTES AGO!!!!!!!! I tell her "too bad". There were no restrooms around there. We were near a school but I have no idea where anything is in there and if I can even get over there and back before it's time to leave (which was in 2 minutes). She goes back to play. So the other scouts get there and I tell the leader of the babysitting predicament and she says "no problem". Fine. "Is there one of the girls we can send Madeline with to go potty"? "Yes" she says and off they go. As they are leaving I notice that Madeline didn't wait. Peed right in her pants. Well, I can't take her now! And the change of clothes that is usually in her backpack is at home by the front door right now for some reason.

I break the news to Sadie. She is NOT happy. I am NOT happy. And I am certainly NOT happy with Madeline who until this day has been able to hold know... for eons. It takes alot of coaxing to get Sadie to go anyway but she did. I felt like one of those "coddler mothers". And I am not a coddler. Well, at least I don't think I am. My main problem was I promised her I would go and I ended up not being able to. I felt horrible for that.

This was only a small portion of my day. One of the worst portions but only a small portion. So you can see why I am having a glass of wine right now and am going to go to bed directly after finishing this.

Oh, here's something else for you. While we were waiting for Sadie to get back, I made these videos. The one of Madeline gets annoying quick so there's your warning. The one of Madeline won't upload so you're safe for tonight.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Christmas dresses

Mumsey got the girls Christmas dresses today. Well, I picked them out. This is really for her benefit, as she hasn't seen them yet. Don't you think they'll be smashing? Sadie's is in the middle and Madeline's is the one in white (what was I thinking getting a WHITE dress for Madeline?) and Anna's is pink. Madeline's is actually a "winter white" but still white enough that will show ANY dirt that comes her way and she seems to attract it in barrel loads.
Anna and Sadie doing Yoga to the best of their ability.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

good/bad hair day

When we were getting ready for school this morning, Madeline asked me to braid her hair. Braid her hair!!!!! The moment I've been waiting for, finally here! My middle daughter wants me to braid her hair. Nevermind it's going to put me behind on the morning, nevermind I really need to go pee. My baby wants me to do her hair!

I made her brush it, because when I do, she thinks I'm the evilest (Sadie's word) mother that ever walked the earth. So, having done that, I proceeded to french braid her hair. It really did look cute. Until I picked her up from school that is. This is what is left of our hair braiding bonding experience.

I don't know if you can see the leaf stuck in the braid. (click on the picture and it will make it bigger) I don't know what this child does at school but it obviously involves rolling around on the ground.


I called to wish my sister a "Happy Birthday" today. Anna was in the living room while I was talking to her and when she came around the corner she had this "Bozo" face on. She had taken a marker to her face again. If she had filled in the marks around her mouth, she would have a perfect "Bozo" mouth.

I really think there's a future for her in the circus.

Happy Birthday, Seester, I love you!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veteran's Day! Say thank you to a Veteran next time you see one! We tried to take Uncle Ernie to see "Flags of our Fathers" today but he wasn't feeling well. We'll take him soon.

We were supposed to go to a '70s ball tonight but we couldn't persuade anyone to try to keep these children of ours for a few hours so we all stayed home and bonded. This was what Conrad's hair would have looked like had we gone. I think Anna looks lovely in it.
Gettin' some kitty lovin'.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Halloween leftovers

I had to go to Tom Thumb (a grocery store for those not familiar with this area) tonight to get some various items. They had Halloween left-over grab bags for $5. I couldn't resist. In mine came a set of Halloween wine glasses (plastic I think, but still festive) a really cute large votive candle holder with spider webs on it, a dozen tea lights with black cats on the top by the wick (hope that makes sense) some sprinkles, some cupcake papers, 2 bags of Quaker chocolate chip granola bars (a personal favorite), some bulb replacements and this decoratable cookie set (4 cookies!).
Madeline decorated these two. No help from Mom, thank you very much.And this is her beginning to eat it. Starting with an eyeball from the looks of it (get it? looks of it?) Ha Ha, I crack myself up.

Sadie decorated these. I only outlined them, she did all the inside work and all the raisin/gumdrop placement. Yummy.....OK, she doesn't like raisins she found out after using 3 boxes of them to decorate with.

I'd have paid $5 for the peace and quiet that came with them diligently decorating these cookies. I'm so glad I listened to my intuition. WooHoo!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Kid tested, mother -could've been- approved

I came from the kitchen area where I had just hugged and kissed (at the request of my middle daughter) my husband (she loves to sit between us on our feet while we canoodle) and this lovely mess greeted me. Silently, stealthily my youngest daughter had managed to pry the bag of cereal out of the KIX box. Well, woohoo, here's what happens when a 14 month old has a bag of cereal. Just in case you were unsure.
Repentant, she helped her daddy pick up the round piece at a time.
With an occasional break for a snack. Well, could you resist?

And on another personal note, Uncle Howard, I'm glad you made it through your surgery . Get back up on your feet soon! I love you.


Ringling Bros. called, they're missing a little clown.
Found her!
I've always loved when cats sleep with their tongues out.
Sadie got her library card yesterday. She's so proud.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Purple Haze

This is Mr. Simon. He's the principal of Arlington Classics Academy where both Sadie and Madeline go to school. No, your eyes are not deceiving you and your monitor is not shot, his hair is purple. Friday night was the school carnival. One of the things they did to raise money was to have a raffle to decide what color Mr. Simon's hair should be colored on Monday (today). When I got to the school this morning and saw him I couldn't help but laugh. What a great sport. I'm sure this was a huge money maker for the school.

Here he is directing traffic in all his purple haze glory.

And for those of you who need an Anna fix, here you go. If you click on the picture to make it big you can see the teeth coming in.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

It's Sunday

"How many times is mama going to set me in front of this door to take my picture"?
Sadie and Anna before church this morning.

"As long as it's followed up by one of these suckers, she can put me in front of that door as many times as she wants, bring it on"!
What could be under this rock? Could it be...?

Yep, it's a letterbox! You can barely see the it beside the rock on the left under the green vines. Inside was a stamp of a turtle. Totally awesome letterboxing adventure today. Yesterday, we looked for two and found two today we went to look for this one and one we didn't find before. We still didn't find it.

And, by the way, it was Madeline who asked if we could go "boxing" again. I figured they were "boxed" out but they are eager again. I'm so happy to hear it.