Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why Anna has many baths a day

Oh, she looks cooperative. She looks like she just ate that applesauce Madeline is feeding her. But, if you click here you'll see a different story.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

what can't she say?

See this cute face? Out of the mouth on this face comes words like "Dada", "kitty", "Sadie", even "Daisy" (the dog across the street) as evidenced here in this video (click that link and you'll get the video - or at least you should). And today while we were out, I said "Anna, are you ready to go?" And as Miriam Webster as my witness this child said "ready to go". Will she say "momma"? Not on your life. I only gave her life, clothe, feed, and diaper her, and can I get even a "Ma"? NO! That's ok, see if Daisy will change that poopy diaper next time your feeling a little stinky.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

another tooth gone

Sadie lost yet another tooth today. Pulled it herself. She's getting to be quite the tooth puller. I expect when it's time for Madeline's first tooth to come out, Sadie will be right there willing to pull it.

I tried, in vain, to take a picture of the tooth. This was as good as it got.

There on the top, you can see where it was. Hope the tooth fairy comes...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dancin' Anna

Thanks to Elaine Alquire I may have unlocked the mysteries of putting video on my blog. Watch out world!

I'm thinkin' if you click here you might see a cute little video. And I promise that if this works, the video will be lighter next time. As in - not so dark.

I just viewed it and it's very hard to see but for a first try I'm very excited. I promise I will get better at the video thing. But I'm excited I finally know how to do it. Thanks, Elaine!

Angels get their wings everyday

Sunday, August 20, 2006

one of those days

I have no pictures for today. If I did, you would think I made all this stuff up just to have an interesting blog today. Let me tell you...I had no idea all this stuff would go on today.

You know how when you get up in the morning you have a vague idea of how your day is going to go and what the highlights will probably be? That's how my morning started out.

Cue the "back in time" harps.

It all started this morning when we went to church in Plano to see Kim and Martha Hall. Kim was the Youth Pastor at Trinity Heights Baptist Church where I was a teen. His wife Martha is a hoot. She hasn't changed one bit. Then, when I was married to Jon, they were the pastor (and pastor's wife) at the church we went to in Ruston (an event in my life I had completely forgotten until Martha came up with my old last name - Schindehette - and if freaked me out). Sorry Kim, I'm sure it's just my faulty memory - not the preachin'. I talked to Martha for little bit and gave her my card with my e-mail address and blog address so Martha, Kim, if you're reading about yourselves "Hi! - It was great to see you today! Let's keep in touch."

We went to 9:30 service because we needed to get back to "A-town" so I could go get Uncle Ernie so we could go see "South Pacific" at 2pm. Until the following events happened I thought I might blog about the security measures Hunter's Glen Baptist Church uses for their children and how much this world has changed since my boys were in Sunday School. Oh, that is so boring now.

We go to Country Kitchen for breakfast because when it's not crowded you can get in and out fast. We needed fast. Now remember, I've just seen a man and woman who had a great influence on my formative years - high school. We are on our way to be seated and I run into Steve McClure. Who is Steve McClure you ask? Well, he was only a guy I graduated with from high school. There were only 45 of us so we were all pretty close knit. Of all the places, Arlington, and in Arlington, of all places - our breakfast place - The Country Kitchen. What are the odds? Turns out, he's moving here and getting married. I'm not sure of the order or if it matters but that is wild with a capitol W. I gave him my card with my e-mail address and blog address on it so Steve - if you're reading about yourself "Hi! It was great to see you today. Let's keep in touch!"

Next on the agenda...South Pacific. I'm a little excited but not sure what to expect. Some of the shows we've been to have had stars like Diana DeGarmo from American Idol. And some have just been shows I've been wanting to see like "Les Miserables" and "Mamma Mia". This as far as I knew didn't have a "headliner" but I had wanted to see it. It wasn't like it was a national touring company or anything but Casa Manana puts on a good show.

We get there and on the cover of the program is a picture of Ron Raines. I know, I know, who is Ron Raines? Well, he looked familiar to me but I couldn't place him. Turns out he was a three time Emmy winner for his role on "The Guiding Light" as a villain. He's playing the Frenchman, Emile de Becque. We watch the show. Ron's GREAT as is the lady who plays Nellie Forbush and Lt. Cable is the handsome fellow who played the straying wife's boyfriend in "The King and I". Now, ladies, there's some boy toy-eye candy for you. OK, I digress, excuse me he's reeeeaaallllly cute.

Applause, Applause, it was great. (and here is where the day derails and becomes weird in that if we hadn't gone through this we wouldn't have done that sense) We go to the valet desk and have them bring around the "Ernie mobile" and when it gets there the lift won't come down to lift. I think "no problem" I'll go in and do it from the inside". No go. Nothing works. I don't panic (yet). I just get the manual turn knobby thingy out and start crankin' that baby by hand. Now, you have to understand, it's about 250 degrees in that van. I already sweat like....well...I don't know what sweats buckets for no reason but that's what I sweat like and I HATE sweat tricklin' down my body. So I'm hot, the hand cranky thing that I was so proud of remembering isn't working. We - the man standing there letting me hand crank this thing and I notice that the main arm of the hydraulic thing is bent, buckled, bowed over, whatever, it's not looking like it's supposed to. Here is where panic starts to seep in. My first thought is "Oh my goodness, it is so hot out here that the arm has melted". Then I think "Lisa, that's the stupidest thing you've ever thought".

Back to reality, back to panic. So now I have a man in a wheelchair who by now is back inside the Bass in the air conditioning along with Sadie and Ms. Bea who we took with us and is as old as Uncle Ernie but she loved the show - and I don't know how I'm going to get him or us home. The lift won't go all the way up or down. What do I do when something goes wrong? I call my beloved husband. He says he'll be right here. So, I go inside and wait for him. The lovely gentleman who is in charge of hospitality and valet who has been with me throughout this ordeal offers me (and everyone else) some water and I take him up on it. Sadie takes him up on a coke.

I'm standing there cooling off rehydrating my body and I look down the front corridor of the Bass (all other patrons are gone by this time) and I see what looks like could be Ron Raines and a lady down the way. Immediately I think I could meet Ron Raines! Cool! Off I go, Sadie in tow down the corridor and I come across the lady and ask her if that is Ron Raines (he's down the stairs but still in eye sight) and she says "yes, I'm his wife". I say "it is very nice to meet you" and it really was. She was VERY nice. She spoke to Sadie and guessed her age and I told her I thought her husband was very good. She tells him to come meet us, that we're fans and he kinda waves us off. He was trying to get the House Manager to move a picture of him to a spot that was more favorable. We follow them down the corridor because I had to go that way again anyway to go see what was happening with the van - there were people out there trying to do something - to no avail. And then my husband arrives and I forget all about Ron Raines.

I send Madeline and Anna inside so they don't get too hot and, of course, Madeline has to go to the bathroom. I send Sadie with her and Sadie says "oh, Momma, I got to meet Mr. Ron Raines". I couldn't believe what she just said! I said "what?" She said "yeah, he called my name and I went over and met him". I said "what did he say"? She said "he said 'tell your mom you got to meet me'". I'm sure he said something else to her besides that but that was all she could remember. I gave his wife my card so Ron Raines and his lovely wife Dona, if you're reading about yourselves "Hi! It was nice to meet you today. Let's keep in touch!"

I have to say a HUGE thank you to the Concession and Valet manager (whose name I so lamely forgot to get) at The Bass Hall. He stayed with me until the end and got the valet guys to help get Uncle Ernie and his wheelchair into our other van. No small feat.

I would also like to thank my wonderful husband who came at a moment's notice and rescued us. You're the greatest!

And thank you Ron Raines for giving my daughter her first "star" meeting. I won't soon forget it. And I'm sure she won't either.

ps. I didn't really give Ron Raines' wife my card, but I wish I had.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

At the car wash

Today, Anna washed the van. Here she is trying to figure out which to use, a sponge or a rag.
She chose the rag.

Really, Anna, get some of that water and soap on the van, not just you! Although, between you and me, you could use a good washin'.

This is thirsty work, Daddy.

Friday, August 18, 2006


I had planned a blog about the cats and of course a cute pic of Anna but when I downloaded my pics, these came out. I am assuming they took these pictures yesterday while Kelsey was here and I was receiving my birthday foot treatment from Lisa (if you would like a massage or a foot treatment, let me know, she's available).
I don't know if you can read the writing under Madeline's tongue but it says "mmom I love you" with a heart. How sweet?
It's a proud moment for me. I knew she could do it. 3 highlighters? I mean, really, who wouldn't be impressed? Oh, Kelsey, what would Max think? (That's Kelsey's boyfriend)
Madeline is highlighter able in only one nostril. She's got time to catch up. It's OK Madeline, Mommy still loves you.
I gotta admit, I was WAY happy to see NO highlighters in Anna's nose.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The many faces of Madeline

The trials and tribulations of Kindergarten are taking their toll on our little Madeline. She turned a card today ("K"indergarten-speak for got into trouble). She didn't follow some direction which she cannot for the life of her remember so that her Daddy will be placated. Needless to say, I think the turning of cards will be few and far between if I can believe the look on this face is true contrition. Somehow I managed to convince Sadie that turning a card was the worst thing she could ever do and I could just tell by the look on her face when she got in the car if she had turned one over. I think she only did it 3 or 4 times.

And, 10 min. later, she's off to the races. All is forgiven after promises to go and sin no more.

We're so angelic.

Total goofiness.

I did not tell her how to pose for these pictures. As a matter of fact, the one where she is running she was actually running from my taking her picture. Finally she acquiesced and came back and posed for the last 3. She's a ham at heart.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Your first year

One year old. Wow. I can remember very vividly one year ago this time of morning I had already called your Nonnie and told her "this is it, I'm really going to have the baby today". This was the "big payoff" why Nonnie moved back to Shreveport. So she could be here when you, Anna, were born. And to watch you and your sisters grow up. To be a part of your lives. And she has. She has been here for everything from dance recital to baptism to first birthday party and everything in between.

From this time of morning (around 9:15) a year ago, it will be a few hours before you are born. I will sit and try not to move so as to give your Nonnie enough time to get here before labor starts in earnest. After she finally arrives we all play "Phase 10" around the kitchen table. (Yes, it's cleaned off enough to do that - shocking yes, I know) Your brothers are both here as are your sisters and Daddy. We have some lunch (sandwiches) and I finally can not stand it anymore I want them to tell me I am in labor and we go to the birthing center. They confirm I am indeed in labor and we commence to play cards some more. I finally cannot stand everyone watching my every move, every breath, every word so I go upstairs to rest and relax. I eventually tire of just laying there so we move to the bath tub and I eventually tire of that and move back to the room. Finally, I start feeling sick to my stomach and send Nonnie for some food (two blocks away). While she is gone I move back to the bathtub and by the time she gets back I'm pushing. You didn't take long to push out but I was sure glad you finally got out. It's not the most pleasant feeling pushing a baby out. I want you to remember that when I'm mean to you. I did push you out, you owe me. You were born at 7:20 in the evening and by 1am I was back home in my own bed with you in the cradle.

This is you with Nonnie. Your first picture with her. What a cutie you are! Even covered in that birthy stuff you're cute. Your brother, Aaron, was the one who weighed you. He also was at your every beck and call. If you made a sound he was there to pick you up. I thought you were going to be spoiled rotten before you were a week old.

This is the picture that got the "blog" started. This is Sadie reading to you. It was too sweet to pass up and not share.Your first Christmas.
Your first Easter. I can remember sometime in February being at Stein Mart and seeing the absolutely precious polka-dot dresses in sizes for not only your big sisters but one for you, too. I couldn't resist. I called your Nonnie and, of course, she got them for you. Yeah, call me shallow but 3 adorable girls dresses alike...I was excited for Easter to come. Yeah, I know there's a whole other reason for Easter but let's face it...y'all were cute! And I praised the Lord for it.

And now, somehow with distracted (at times) parents, two big sisters who think you're a toy, and 3 cats you've managed to survive your first year. I can't imagine our lives without you. You, Anna, are a blessing sent straight from God. I rejoice everyday for you and marvel at every discovery you make. Happy Birthday, Anna, I love you. Mommy

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A party for Anna

Today was Anna's birthday party! She turned One year old. Thank you to all who came (and also read this blog) you made her day special and you are all special to her.
This is Anna in her birthday finery. Joan Kolp gave her this outfit right after she was born. I have been looking at this outfit for a year waiting for her to be able to wear it and about a month ago, I decided it would make it's debut at her birthday party. I think she looks smashing.
First piece of birthday cake. I think she liked it. She was very ladylike in her eating of the cake.
This was Sadie's attire for the day. Her Easter dress from 2 years ago, black shoes that laced around the ankle and knee high stockings which when she first put them on were thigh highs. I guess in this picture they had fallen. And in case you were wondering (and don't ask how we know) she had on black panties.
OK, maybe not so demure. But this is almost as messy as she got. She got a little in her hair and you can't see her stomach which she used as a napkin.
All cleaned up after cake. I think she likes her ride-on toy her Daddy got her. Well, she likes the phone anyway. The girls like to push her around on it. (Hence the reason we know what color underwear Sadie was wearing - the dress isn't that long when she was standing straight up, much less when she was bending over.)

Again, thank you everyone for making Anna's day special.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

just us two

Ok, so I didn't think it would be so ummmm...quiet, so...nobody-going-behind-me-and-messing-things-up-the-second-I-get-it-clean, so...Anna-it's-your-turn-to-amuse-your-mother around here when the girls went to school all day everyday. Anna knows how to point to things she wants. You may think there's a picture of that on here but you'd be wrong!
This is Anna amusing her mother with her cuteness. I think she likes the way the world looks like that, she does it ALOT.
More amusement for mother...Banda is in the desk with Anna blocking the only way out.
See, I told you Banda was in there. This is Anna standing. Something else she does ALOT of. Dang her.
Yes, I know Banda has red eye but Kodak doesn't. I tried to get the Kodak program to fix it then tried to manually fix it to no avail. Still a cute picture, don't you think?

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Two-thirds there

Today was the first day of school! After we dropped off the kids the PTO put on a "boo-hoo breakfast". The principal came in and said he was disappointed, that we all seemed happy, not boo-hooing". Are you kidding me? I might cry when I drop Anna off but don't put any money on it. I'll probably be doing a jig out the door.
This was Madeline at 7am this morning. She did not want to get up. Sadie was even trying to help her get dressed (I tried to get a pic but it never happened, Sadie gave up before Madeline ever got out of bed).
Sadie, all dressed and ready to go. Oh she looks happy to be going to school but can you believe the school called me and told me she was up in the office with a STOMACH ACHE? I thought I would crawl through that phone and strangle her. I'm sure that wouldn't go over very well with the school, seeing how they like their students to live through the day and all. But, oh my goodness, I asked to speak to her and told her that if I had to come up there I would be bringing Pepto Bismol and she WOULD be staying. She ended up staying after I told her to go eat her lunch and see if she felt better - with the tone of voice that said "you better feel better or I will be coming up there and tearing your ears off". I mean really, use the stomach ache excuse when you have a test you haven't studied for...oh, excuse me am I saying too much?
Madeline, a little more awake, happy, dressed and ready to make an impression on the world.

Try as I may to be totally together, we got to school with only 2 minutes to spare. I tried but nothing would gel this morning. Hopefully things will go a little more smooth tomorrow morning.

And miss Anna with her first fat lip. It doesn't look so bad in this picture and it ended up not being too bad but it did bleed a little and her poor little pitiful hurt cry was heartbreaking. She was hanging on to the piano bench (where I was practicing) and I don't know what happened but there was a bang and then the wailing. Bless her heart.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Rain cats

We were sitting outside this afternoon and this stuff started falling out of the sky. We asked around and apparently it's called rain. If you look real hard you can see the drops (amid the paint drops, the rain is darker). That's about all the rain we got today. But...we did get rain!We went to the "Fort Worth Cats" game tonight and had really, really good seats. Front row. This is the mascot "Dodger the cat" and Anna was smitten. Everytime the cat was in eyesight she would point to it. At one point the cat was throwing out popcorn balls and handed me one for Anna. I moved closer to him and he reached down as if to touch her and you wanna talk about a freak out. Man. She didn't cry but she shuddered like "what the heck...that thing can TOUCH ME?" It was one of those times I wish I knew how to put video on here and then had captured it on video.
One of my crowning glory moments in photographic history. I caught the action as the ball is leaving the bat for the first hit of the game for the Cats. It was a double. Cool, huh? did that get in there? Mom, that was for you. Just a little boy toy option. It was a great place to people watch. Well, it was if you're a fan of young...well built men...wearing tight pants...showing those muscles God gave them...Oh my...I may swoon. Forgive me, I digress. Yes I know who won...The Cats did. 5-0 all 5 runs scored in the 4th can check it out...I sure did!

Another new family member

We have family in California. In relation to Conrad they would be his cousin and niece (two different people out there from the family). Matthew (the cousin) and Judith got married last year and this year they had a little one, Amelie Kiara Lawrence. She was born July 18. "She is a real looker" said Shelly (the niece) when she saw her this weekend. She sent these pictures.
This is proud Papa Matthew, Judith and little Amelie Kiara.This is Matthew and his brother (who was visiting from Texas) Micheal and Amelie.

Shelly and Amelie. She's right, she is a looker. Congratulations Matthew, and Judith! We can't wait to meet her in person!

Anna's first birthday party

This is the blog from yesterday that the blog site wouldn't let me load. I guess I went over the cuteness quota for the day.

Anna went to her first birthday party for a friend on Sat. this is Anna checkin' out Natalie (the birthday girl).

This is Anna sayin' "look how cute I am and look what I can do..."

"I can see with my hands!"

Don't worry, the birthday girl got her back.

This is Anna with foreign objects on her feet. She had no idea what to do with those things. She sure looked sweet in them.