Friday, July 17, 2009

Why I use a shop vac as my vaccuum cleaner

I had alot of titles for this particular post:
1. Why I am ready for school to begin again.
2. Why it's a good thing I already got 4 kids past the age of 4 (because 4 out of 5 ain't bad).
3. Why flour might be the bain of my exsistance.
4. Why was the flour in the living room in the first place?
5. Flour must feel good between the toes.
6. Why staying in bed after the kids get up isn't always the best idea.
However, you see what I chose.
When I got up this morning, I could smell flour. You know, the baking kind. The kind of flour that makes yummy cookies, cakes and other treats? Yeah, that kind of flour.
Now, last night, I saw the cannister of flour in the living room, but, it was late and I put the top back on and just left it sitting there, knowing I would put it up in the morning when cleaning the rest of the room. BIG MISTAKE...
Sadie and Madeline were still asleep so they catch a break on this one. However, Anna and Cherokee were very awake (Cherokee is a girl from down the street I watch during the week) and apparently finding that flour feels good between the toes. When I went in there, I saw the small mess and thought to myself that surely when I tell them to clean this up they will. Yeah, I wasn't quite awake and still in my dreamworld. And, yes, I did see Cherokee put a hand load of that flour back into the cannister and put the top back on it. YUCK!
So, having told them to clean it, I returned to my room before my head started spinning around "Exorsist" style. When I got back up to face the mess, not only was it not cleaned up, but the top was back off the cannister and now ALL the flour is all over the living room floor and a certain guests' feet were barefoot, toes dallying in the flour.
Now, I have to say Anna, at this point was nowhere near the mess so I don't know if she's learned at the tender age of 3 that being next to the mess isn't a good idea because you can always blame it on your sisters or if she really wasn't a part of the mess. It doesn't matter. I hold it against her. And, she is lucky indeed that she has her 4 siblings to thank for making me one of those moms who says "that flour was probably old anyway" and "my shop vac will get that up in no time" instead of beating her black and blue and making her suck it up in a straw and spit it out in the trash can. Lucky, indeed.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

And introducing...

Last week, Aaron came home and requested to go to a Ranger game. Here's the whole family all enjoying the Rangers WIN!!!!

On July 4th we had a battle royale, and our
weapon of choice was, you guessed it, water balloons
And, this is the newest member of the Wangler household. Because our life isn't chaotic enough, meet Paco. A guy at Conrad's work had him one night and beause he whined all night, they didn't want him. So we took him in and he didn't whine once. Finally, a little one that doesn't whine. Anyway, he's kinda cute and he still has puppy breath and I'm getting used to puppy kisses. So far, the cats haven't really given him the time of day but also haven't killed him, either. So, I guess that's a good thing.

Yeah, he's kinda cute.