Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Airport tour

Today our friend Jessica, who is the most awesomest (yeah, I know that's bad grammer, but she is) person at finding fun stuff for kids to do, had arranged for us to go to the airport for a "behind the scenes" tour. We were treated like royalty.

First stop was the "noise room". That's where they actually can listen to planes taking off, etc. They have those big screens like you see in movies that show where all the planes are. They taught us alot. It's amazing the things that go into running an airport. It's also amazing the things they can know at the touch of a button. Things like: how many planes fly over our house everyday, how high the planes in the air right now are, how many are landing, taking off, etc. Unbelievable!

Then we were taken to a room where we were treated to lunch (yummy, very thick, pizza, with veggies and dip and delicious desserts) and lemonade. After lunch, a military man who arranges for our troops to come home from Iraq spoke to us and allowed us to ask all sorts of questions. Among the many, we asked how to be able to come to the airport to welcome home troops. He told us how (if you want to know, I can tell you). Then an Airport Policeman spoke to us. He rides a bicycle and doesn't have a siren on his bike (except the one he makes with his mouth - that was very funny).

Then these two lovely gentlemen escorted us to teminal B and got us through security. Yes, we had to take off our shoes and all. That's where we got onto the "Skylink" and rode to the new terminal "D". It was very nice. We had to walk in 3's and this is the 3 amigas.

Sadie, Kaitlyn and Taylor. Waiting for the Skylink.

After we rode the Skylink to teminal "D" and back, we got to do something absolutely fantastic. There happened to be a troop deploying to Iraq. We got to send them off. We clapped for them, high fived them, told them "good luck" and "come back safe", shook their hands. I was very moved by the experience as were other mothers. (I wasn't the only one tearing up.)

I love the look in Zane's eyes. He's the boy in the green shirt, if you enlarge the picture he looks like he is in awe of this soldier. As he should be.
This soldier wanted to have a picture with all the kids. What a great group of guys and ladies.

Thank you, Jessica, again for a lovely day. We won't soon forget it.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

In honor of all those who died in the service of our country. We owe you our eternal gratitude. Thank you.
Looking at the world through American colored glasses.
Anna watching her Daddy put up this...
our Flag.
Our flag raising ceremony prompted Sadie to fashion her own American Flag. She had plenty of help. Our little Betsy Ross.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Esther's Wedding

Today was Esther's wedding. Esther is our niece (on Conrad's side). Sadie and Madeline were the flower girl and ring-bearer, respectively. They wore absolutely gorgeous dresses, embellished by Nora (Esther's mom) with flowers and beads at the top.

This is them with Esther.

Father of the bride, John, waiting for the ceremony to begin. See the clock...he's waiting...get it? I thought of that. Thank you!

The wait for the ceremony to start was almost more than they could bear. I found Madeline sitting alone far off from everyone and she said she didn't feel good. I asked her to come sit with me and we had a heart to heart about occasions like this being overwhelming and that it was OK to feel that way, but that we just take a deep breath and realize that things are going they way they go and we'll do our part to keep things running smoothly. Then we started talking about when she's the bride she can decide things like what the flower girl wears, etc. And I got misty just thinking about it. I cannot imagine what's going to happen when that day comes. In say, oh, 43 years.

Doing a fantastic job. They were angels (I heard that more than once today).

This is all the family.
Anna passed out before the ceremony, thank heavens.

I know my friends Jessica and Becky will enjoy this picture. These cookies were on all the tables. And I might add, they were DELICIOUS as well as beautiful.
Paul, Conrad and Joe.
Daddy and one of his angels.
Great Uncle Joe. He's holding his great-niece, Briley.
This is what the tables looked like before we devoured the salad. Then after a delicious lunch, we scarfed down the cookies. Yummy!

Conrad's Mom, Peggy was there. She can still cut a rug. (She's the one with the black skirt on on the right.)

Friday, May 25, 2007

Last day of school

Second grade awards program today. Sadie got Exemplary Honor Roll (avg. of 90 or above in all subjects), American Citizenship Award (came with a lapel pin and everything!), Art award of some sort and various and asundry classroom awards. She's a real star, that Sadie.

And then Madeline's classroom party. Tacos, fruit, veggies,cowboy cookies, capri suns, what more could you ask for? They had a great time and they all seemed to enjoy the goodies. They gave me a sweet card signed by them all and a gift card to target and some notecards with an "L" on them. Very sweet and very unexpected.
Madeline's tye-dye shirt, remember that?
Group hug!

Then we went to the rehearsal dinner (lunch) for Esther and Dustin's wedding. The girls are going to be the flower girl and ring-bearer in it tomorrow. Esther is John's (Conrad's brother) middle daughter.

This is Esther and Dustin. Aren't they a lovely couple?
Timothy (Esther's big brother) and his sweet wife, Nicolette.

The girls in the back of Uncle John's van.

I hesitated to put this one on here because I'm in it. But Esther and Nora (John's wife) being in it over-ruled my being in it. The dresses I am holding are georgeous. They are the dresses for the girls to wear tomorrow. I can't wait to see them all dolled up. Sadie wants "Princess hair" and Mads wants a ponytail. Sadie may get what she wants, Mads? Not so much.

I'll be sure and post pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

End of year stuff

Kindergarten had their award ceremony today. Madeline is on the superior honor roll, she got excellence in acheivement, most improved and best helper in Mrs. Marshall's class awards. I'm so proud of her.
Madeline and the ab fab teacher Mrs. Marshall.

After the awards, Anna and I went home and Anna took a bit of a nap, then we went and had lunch with Conrad at work. They were smokin' brisket up there and when they do that they also cook hamburgers. Yummy!

Then my friend called and said they were going to Pappasitos, and I asked if I could join them since I had some time to kill before I had to go pick up the girls. They ordered Anna some mini-corn dogs. I don't know if any actually got in her tummy but she sure enjoyed dipping them in the ketchup.

She had ketchup all over her when she got done.

Then it was off to pick up the girls and take them to Sadie's end-of-year party at the Skatium. I don't know why I don't have a picture of Sadie skating, since it's her party, but I do have this one of Madeline skating with Kolton. They're just so darned cute!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Incoming!...Falling out!

As I said yesterday, I put the kittens outside, for their own safety. They've figured out how to get back in (which is how their mother got in here in the first place).
Figuring out how their sibling got in, that's her/him in the bottom of the picture. One minute he was there, the next he was gone...

There's a breech in the castle wall! Kittens are pouring in!
Anna walked by me while I was doing this blog and I saw this.

I grabbed the camera and went to where she had gone and said "Anna, turn around". And she did, but too quickly. So I told her to do it again and she just turned a little and looked behind her as if to try to figure out what had mom all excited. Finally she turned around and I got to snap the newest "crack" picture.

To read a heartwarming story about Kaitlyn Wade's supporters (who happen to be a bunch of 12 year old boys) click here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Busy, exciting day

Busy day today. I wish I was doing this...
I came in to wake up the girls and Mads was sleeping on the floor with the kittens all around and on her.
I have since put the kittens outside as they now climb the gate and get out of the girls room. Not the smartest thing to do with Anna around as you'll see in a minute.
This is going to be a familiar site. It's a helicopter hovering. There's almost always one on Friday afternoons. I guess they're updating the progress on the new stadium (we'll call it Tom Landry Memorial Stadium - you can call it whatever you like). In 2011 it will be home to "SUPERBOWL 45"!!!!!
Can you imagine? We will be 3 blocks from the SUPERBOWL! Feel free to help me brainstorm on ways to make a living that week. I hear millions of dollars will be coming this way, I can't imagine why some of it couldn't fall into our pockets. And, yes, Conrad has already suggested renting our house out that week and going to Europe. I say rent the house out, but stay with a neighbor. For one, we could keep an eye on the house. And, two, the SUPERBOWL comes to my backyard and you want me to leave? I don't think so. I'll be stickin' right here thank you. Traffic and all, I will LOVE every minute of it.

A glimpse into the future. Sadie is talking on my cell phone to her friend, I have no idea how long they talked. Good thing we have mobile to mobile - yes, her friend is on Cingular, too. (Don't you love that "Puss" is keeping vigil?)

She just loves the babies, to death.


Sadie's Brownie troop had their Court of Awards ceremony for the spring tonight. She got all sorts of patches. This is her leader listing her accomplishments.

And she also got her cookie awards. She sold 275 boxes of girl scout cookies this year. She got a t-shirt, a bear, two patches and some other girlie stuff. This is Kay Wade with her. She is our wonderfully organized cookie mom. Her oldest daughter was involved in a terrible accident on Friday night. Please keep her in your prayers. You can see the news story about Kaitlyn here.

Tye Dye 2007

Yesterday, the Kindergarten tye-dyed t-shirts for their end of year party. They dyed them red and blue and the shirts really looked great. You'll see pics of them on Friday.
This is Madeine dipping her shirt in the first bucket. And let's just say that this shirt won't be able to be used as a uniform shirt again. Not because of the dying but because of everything else she's done to it.
Parents adding the color to the shirts.
Look how pretty!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

the impossible day

Today was the impossible day. I say that because Madeline graduated from Kindergarten at 10am and Sadie had her first ever recital at 10am. Impossible for all of us to be at both HUGE events at the same time so we made do. Nonnie and I went to Madeline's graduation and Conrad and Jon went to Sadie's recital.

I entrusted my husband and my son to document fully the recital. I got 3 pictures of the recital, one of them too dark to see, this one and one that was staged and quite obviously so. In this one, I think she has just finished and is , ever so daintily, listening to the thunderous applause.
Here is Madeline in her processional...

...sweet, huh?
She got to sit separate from the others because she had a "solo" during the music portion. Her solo was the word "school". The song was about what they loved. Among the other words there were, family, teacher, my sister, my cat...you get the picture. There were 8 solos in that song. Very cute. However, it was too long to get onto "youtube" so, sorry, you'll just have to take my word that it was sweet.
Madeline getting her diploma. She's officially a first grader now. I don't know what they'll do for this last week of school. I hope fun stuff.
Proud Momma.
And the celebration lunch afterwards at our "El-Chico".
Miss Anna, happy that she didn't have to attend either event (or is that us happy for that?) Thanks to Hannah, we all got to enjoy these events without having to worry about 21-month-old-meltdowns. She slept the whole time, she didn't even know we were gone.