Friday, September 29, 2006

Garage Sale Baby

We had a garage sale today (my neighbor and I) and we tried to sell this whole set for $10 but we had no takers. Someone bought the bear but left the playpen and the baby. Hmmm.
I think Anna liked the bear. Click here and you'll see her playing with a kitten.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

young master

Anna's first official masterpiece. Colored at Most Blessed Sacrament's office (thank you, Karen). MBS is also where she took her first steps. Hmmmm, lots of first over there at MBS. We must spend alot of time there. There are worse places to spend time, I assure you.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

"It's hard to take the first step"

Keeping with the "Happy Fall" theme...Here is Anna about to try her first piece of Candy Corn.

Here she is eating it, no word on whether or not she liked it.

Last night, we couldn't find Sadie. Conrad found her and took the picture of where she was "hiding".

Today, when I went to church, I took Anna and Madeline with me. Anna used to go all the time with me and she's kind of a "choir baby". As far as I can tell, everyone likes her and they've all watched her grow up. So, today she was standing there and lo and behold, it happened. She took two steps! I have witnesses! I didn't catch it on the camera but the choir saw it. And, rightfully, they made a big deal of it. I started tearing up. This is THE LAST BABY and now she's a toddler. The coolest thing though was that our anthem was "Lead Me, Lord" and the first words to that song (which we practiced right after this monumental occasion)are "It's hard to take the first step...". How cool was that. Divine providence, Michele. I don't think we'll ever sing that song again that I don't think of that moment.

I might not have caught the first couple of steps on video but I caught a couple of subsequent ones. You can view them here.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just another Thursday

I decided to treat myself to a Sonic oreo blast. Anna thought it was a good idea. She also wanted some but I failed to offer it to her so she just took it upon herself to sneak a bite.
This is her messy face after her first encounter with oreo blast.
And after school, everyone is studying hard. Yeah right.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Soccer rocks

Wow, what a day. First, how about these shirts? Thank you, Mom, for getting them for the girls. Aren't they cute? And, yes, we do rock.

Madeline had her first soccer game today. This is her in the dressing room before the game. I have forgotten alot of things in my purse, my brush, a nightgown, Christmas gifts at Christmas but I can honestly say I have NEVER forgotten to put on my underwear. This child, pictured below, forgets her underwear more often than she remembers them and yes, she "forgot" them today. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

This is her playing goalie for the second quarter. She allowed the only goal the other team scored.But gets better.

This is her right after scoring her SECOND goal of the game. I have the first one on video which you can watch here. What an exciting game. Conrad said "Just think how well she'll play when she remembers her underwear".

And for your moment of she is standing all by herself. Walking is only a step away.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Chillaxing outside

Yesterday we did what we've done all week, we chillaxed outside. It's been so nice and mild we couldn't help but to go out and do our homework outside and sit and gab.
This is the famed "Daisy" from Anna's first "talkie" video.
I don't know if you can see in this picture how dirty Anna is but she is always dirty after chillin' outside. She gets to crawl around and I try not to cringe every time I look at how dirty she is. But then...

That's what God made soap and water for. Here she is all cleaned up.

And for those who are video friendly. Here are a couple of clips. If you don't have audio with your video, this one won't be as funny. And here Anna is loving on Daisy.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

my tribute

To remember what happened five years ago, destruction beyond belief.

We were all just Americans, no race, no creed, just grief.

Children now orphans, spouses widowed, friends left behind, new angels all around.

Five years later and the hole is still there in our hearts and in the ground.

We mourn the loss of 2 towers tall and the all the souls within them. May we never forget that day.

May God bless our country and may we always defend our freedom and Old Glory, and long may she wave.

Peggy Noonan wrote a very moving observation about 9/11 click here if you would like to read it. (tissue alert)

Poem by: Lisa Wangler
Photos: various sources
Image from space by Space Imagery

A day with Daddy

Conrad and I have finally been immortalized in bronze. The girls came to see us today. We're so proud.

OK, really, Conrad and the girls went to the zoo and it would seem that at some point both Madeline (above) and Sadie (below) were turned into Otters by some Zoo fairy.
Anna likes to swim with the fishies. (They also went to the Aquarium.)

And, back at the home menagerie front, it would seem that Banda and Puss in Boots are finally getting along. Awwwww.

Now, for those of you with video. Here are some clips of the kids in the park. Click Sadie's name for hers and click Madeline's name for hers and, of course, Anna has this one and that one.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Homecoming 2006

Wow, Monday was the last post. Sorry everyone, life's been a bit hectic this week. I sure wish the world would slow down for a bit and let me take a breather. But...forward we go, onward into the night!
And this is one of the reasons. I mean really, how cute is this fountain? Oh, I mean the dandy behind the fountain.

Tonight is Lamar High School Homecoming 2006. Go Vikings! In the above picture, Spidey is being eaten by a bison. Just one of the things we did to occupy our time whilst waiting for Kelsey's date for homecoming, Kelsey is in the picture below. Kelsey's first homecoming. Our little girl is growing up, dang it. Sorry, Kelsey, I couldn't resist. If it makes you feel any better, I don't think any of your friends read my blog.

Max and Kelsey with their Homecoming mums on. Aren't they cute? He even held the car door open for her when they left. Awwwww.
Full on view of Kelsey's mum. It has candy on it! Hmmmm, none of my Homecoming mums (and might I add I went to plenty of homecomings in my day) had food. These kids these days, they just don't know how good they have it.

I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has had such kind words for me about my blog. It certainly validates my blogging. I so enjoy doing it, thank you for enjoying reading it. And to those who can't get my videos (thank you for letting me know) I will always post stills on the blog unless some unforseen event keeps me from it. I hope someday you'll be able to see the videos. Thanks everyone for your input!

Monday, September 04, 2006

fall flowers

For some reason, I have one lone flower blooming in my garden. It started yesterday, before we got rain so I don't think it's the rain that brought it out. Maybe it's the tender lovin' kitty care it's getting. Can you see Rosie hiding in the garden?

I liked this picture of my one lone flower with Mary of Guadelupe watching over it.

For those of you who need a video of Anna. Click here and you'll get one.

Friday, September 01, 2006


This one is for the choir, or anyone who has ever been in a choir.

I guess my children have heard the "Hallelujah Chorus" more than I thought. Madeline sings it alot and you'll see why it makes me smile when she does if you click here.