Saturday, September 19, 2009

A week ago, we loaded up into the van and headed East. The purpose was to be there when Mumsey and Gail played their piano/organ concert, an event we've been looking forward to for months. In fact, I think back in May, Mumsey told me to save the date for this concert. Heck, could have been at Christmas, I just know we've been waiting a long time. And, can I just say...


From the beginning strains of the Toccata in D (which Gail played quite well on the organ) until the final notes of the beautiful "Lord Here I Am", it was a glorious evening of music.

They had two grand pianos and an organ and they each played each instrument at some point. That was pretty cool.

Mumsey had both girls turn pages for her on a song and they did a fine job. I loved that she included them on her big night. I know it's something they'll remember always.

The pic to the right is Sadie doing her job.

The pic under this is Mumsey and Gail, aren't they cute?

To the right is Mumsey relaxing before the event with her hair all "did up".

Sadie and Madeline also handed out the programs before the concert. Hmmmm, free child labor, and in the church to boot. Better not let the labor board hear about this. teehee

OK, the first video should be of Madeline helping Mom turn pages during "My Tribute".

And this was just one of my favorites.

I've always known my Mumsey was a gifted and talented piano/organist but I was so proud of her on Sunday evening. She (and Gail) treated that whole audience to an evening of beautiful, uplifting music. The crowd was pretty big, I thought, especially since there was a torrential downpour going on outside. They braved that weather to watch the concert and they were not disappointed.
Mumsey, you have a gift and I am so happy you give your gift so freely to everyone. My Nonnie and Opper would have been so proud of you. I bet they were listening!
I had to remember the names of the songs from memory so if I got them wrong, I apologize. I can't find my program anywhere. I'm sure I'll find it later when I start cleaning. Wish I was in Shreveport now, thinking about the cleaning ahead of me. I digress.
I think I speak for everyone there at the concert when I say that we are looking forward to the next one!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

You may have to enlarge the picture to get the full effect. You see the truck parked under the tree to the left of the "no parking" sign?
The picture of "rules don't apply to me".
Maybe that sign only means "you're not supposed to park - just right there - where that sign actually sits. Hmmmmm....

Monday, September 07, 2009

new take

I've been thinking about a new take on the ol' blog. Almost everyday, I see something that is the "picture" definition of a word.
Today's post was actually taken yesterday at a birthday party for a friend of Anna's, Caden. While watching him open presents, I caught her being the definition of "a prim and proper lady".
Sadie's dance teachers (who also teach etiquette) would be so proud.
So, in the coming days, I will try to take a picture of things I see that are the very definition of a word.
I hope you enjoy this new venture!