Sunday, November 02, 2008

Can you believe I've updated?

Well, howdy folks! Long time, no update. As you can imagine, the life around here has changed drastically. Long days filled with work, dance, piano, driving here and there, then dinner, then homework, blah, blah, blah. I'm enjoying the new life, however, it does put a damper on updating the blog. However, here I am updating you on the last few weeks. Starting with...

The State Fair! We went, courtesy of free tickets from school (a perk of working there is I get a free ticket, too!)
Big Tex...the trademark of the Sate Fair of Texas.

This is Anna on the Merry-Go-Round. It went fast and she loved it.

Sadie the little flower.

And Mads, too. I actually like Mads picture better because of the sunlight and shade in the picture.Madeline, Anna and Sadie on a ride, having lots of fun.
Anna won a big ol' stuffed animal at a game and she didn't last much longer after that. Her head is on it, if you couldn't tell.

A neighbor of ours who has BIG dogs and know we have cats and love cats always comes to us when a cat is stranded at his house. This time it was a baby that was probably 4 or 5 weeks old. Precious little thing and, of course, we all (except Conrad) fell in love with it (I don't know the sex of it, can't tell). Our neighbor, Ruth, took it in and is loving this little baby to health and happiness. We're so happy it all worked out. Oh, it's name is Zoey.
On to Halloween.

Sadie's pumpkin. It's a dog. Can't you tell?

Anna's pumpkin. She had a little help from Daddy.
Madeline was a lollipop (not a sucker!). You can't really tell it from here but she was pretty cute.

Sadie was a dead veterinarian. And, Brady was a ....
Anna was "halloween girl". I went to WallyWorld with the intent of getting her a ladybug costume but they had nary a one. So, I got her a cute little outfit to wear after taking off the ladybug costume that I fully inteded to go buy at Party City when I got a free moment. When I got home, I showed her the outfit and she said "I love my costume". Ding! I said "yes, that's your costume! And you are?..." "Halloween girl!" She said. Problem solved. We did get her a crown and a scepter to add to her outfit and she was very happy being "Halloween girl". She didn't even make it around the block trick-or-treating before she fell asleep. Still, she wasn't lacking for candy.

On Saturday, the girls and I went to Shreveport. Anna and Madeline stayed with Nonnie while Sadie and I went to see Romeo and Juliet at NSU. Aaron was the "Master Carpenter for the show and here is the gorgeous set he built.

It was a lovely show and very well done and that set? Man, it rocked!

We also got to meet his girlfriend, Jamie. She was in the play as a dancer. She was very good. We also got to meet her Mom and Dad. What a lovely weekend.
Although, the drive over to Shreveport was not without incident. We stopped at a rest area to use the facilities and Anna told me she had to go so I got her out. When I did, I noticed quite a bit of "tasted" halloween candy. (Here's a free tip: Don't let your children take their halloween candy on a long drive, you'll regret it) So, I took a moment to pick up all this unwrapped, tasted and discarded candy so it wouldn't melt onto the floor of the van. Anna runs up to me with her pants and panties in hand. I said "what are you doing?" She said "I had to go potty". I looked over at the picnic area and there was a big puddle right there, for everyone to see. So, I guess Anna has left her mark in Van, Texas.
Y'all have a great week! Hope to update again, soon!

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From James & Wendy +3 said...

That set was beautiful!!!! I am so proud of Aaron!