Thursday, July 09, 2009

And introducing...

Last week, Aaron came home and requested to go to a Ranger game. Here's the whole family all enjoying the Rangers WIN!!!!

On July 4th we had a battle royale, and our
weapon of choice was, you guessed it, water balloons
And, this is the newest member of the Wangler household. Because our life isn't chaotic enough, meet Paco. A guy at Conrad's work had him one night and beause he whined all night, they didn't want him. So we took him in and he didn't whine once. Finally, a little one that doesn't whine. Anyway, he's kinda cute and he still has puppy breath and I'm getting used to puppy kisses. So far, the cats haven't really given him the time of day but also haven't killed him, either. So, I guess that's a good thing.

Yeah, he's kinda cute.

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awwood2 said...

What a beautiful family--glad you had a great time at the game. And I can't believe you got a puppy--how cute is that? The kids will really enjoy him.