Saturday, January 23, 2010

Today is Madeline's birthday. She turns 9. It started out with a whimper and ended with a bang. This is one of those times when we just really didn't have the money to do anything before-hand so we had to scramble to get it all done in the 2 hours after I got off work and had to work in getting Sadie to and from piano theory class during that time as well. Not easily done but managed. And, of course, I found myself almost out of gas during said running around so a stop at the gas station was a must. Anywho...

Several things impressed me tonight as Madeline and her friends played during her sleepover birthday party. One was that Mads has a really nice set of friends. I don't think she's ever had all the same people over for any particular party/sleepover which means 1) she's got many different friends and likes to spend time with all of them or 2) she doesn't keep the same friends for long. Well, I happen to know #2 isn't true so I'm impressed that she spreads her time with friends over all of them.

And those friends are just plain nice. They all thanked me for having them over, used their manners when asking for more pizza, etc. Included Anna in all their games and during one game when Anna didn't win, the girl who won offered Anna her prize (which Anna promptly turned down). I thought that was incredibly nice (or the girl doesn't shop at Dollar Tree - the prize was a gift card from there - I choose to think the best, she genuinely wanted Anna to be happy).

Another thing was that Madeline is genuinely nice. As she was opening her gifts, she got some cool things, a gift card to Target, a robotic drawing thing, some cool girly things and some make up from her big sister. Anna got her a play fishing pole with plastic fish from Dollar Tree that she picked out herself. When Madeline opened it, you would have thought she gave her a pot of gold. She gushed over it and Anna asked her if she liked it and Mads said "Yes, I was going to ask for one of these" then thanked and hugged her.

Most of my birthday posts include pictures of the child celebrating their birthday. But, because Madeline has shown her most beautiful part tonight, I want to honor that by sharing with you those things that can't be captured on film or in digital form.

Madeline for the reasons stated above and for so many more, I am now, and will forever be, proud of you.

Happy Birthday - I love you,

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awwood2 said...

Thanks for letting us stick around your room this afternoon and watch the US vs. Canada hockey game! Good luck with your tests tomorrow. Much love & prayers!