Sunday, April 04, 2010

HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE!!! This is one of my favorite holidays. The church services are so inspiring and reminders of why we serve God. He gave his ONLY son to save us and today we celebrate that HE conquered death and evil, thereby giving us eternal life if we only choose to believe. How cool is that? The church is decked out in it's white finery and beautiful songs are sung. I just love it.

Another reason I love it is that it's a family thing for us. Last year, Aaron was here as well as Jon Michel. This year it was just Jon but he carried on in the tradition of being here and participating in the egg hunt, although this year, I delegated the stuffing of the eggs so he didn't have to do that.

The morning started off with a visit from the Easter Bunny. Anna got her stuff out of her basket and Banda quickly took over.

Then to church, as I said, beautiful flowers, lovely Mass, beautiful music. Then, the traditional Easter egg hunt. Anna was off to the races as soon as they said "go".

Then home for the traditional Easter dress pictures. Here's Sadie...brown, hmmm, how different for her...NOT!

And Anna...cutie patootie. Mumsey, I know you will notice the shoes. Yes, she has her Easter shoes, we're just not sure where #2 is. Earlier, I had found one so I put it on her dresser. Then, last night, I decided to look for the second one so I wouldn't be in a tizzy this know, not gettin' my blood pressure up and I go look in the closet in her room and lo and behold there it is. So, I go to put it on the dresser and the first shoe I put up there isn't there. I looked for awhile, but I finally "let it go" and told Conrad he'd have to find it because he was the one who let her wear them before Easter. This morning she went to church in these pink sandals which looked cute but, that's not the point is it? "Let it go"...

And, Madeline. Not really surprised about the dress, looks just like something she'd wear. Nonnie took them Easter dress shopping so I didn't know what they got until they got home. Mumsey, you did good!

After the picture above, guess what Mads had to do?

Yeah, "that".

A neighbor saw us out taking pics and offered to take all of us together. Thanks Hillary!

Here's Jon!

Peggy (Conrad's mom) also came but I just realized I didn't get one picture of her while she was here. Major shame on me.

Dinner was a group effort. I had food cooking in my oven and so Lisa cooked the rolls. She also brought the salad, which was really yummy. My friend Jackie came and brought chicken, potato casserole and banana pudding. Conrad smoked a ham and I made corn casserole and cupcakes. It was a delicious meal shared by great friends.

As I said earlier, I delegated the Easter egg stuffing out to my neighbor Andrea. Then she and Kelsey hid the eggs in her backyard and the kids found them all.

Jackie's husband and son also came and took part in the festivities.

Hunting eggs.

Jackie got a new car! It's a beauty! Congratulations!
I was so happy Jackie and her family could join us.

I hope your Easter was a lovely time, shared by family and friends.

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