Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Ok, I have downloaded these pictures twice and lost them the first time and can't move them into the right order. There is NO rhyme or reason to the downloading of photos on this blog. Perhaps this summer I can spend some time figuring it out. Anyone out there reading this who has already figured it out, please feel free to enlighten me.

Anyhow...Today, the baby of my babies graduated pre-school. She is officially a Kindergartner now. They did a really good job of their little graduation at Brennan Academy. She graduated cum laud (with honors) because she turned in ALL her homework assignments (one every month). They were family projects so perhaps we all got honors today, along with her.

Everybody came out for the occasion, Even Nonnie. Thank you, Nonnie! And thanks for dinner at our favorite celebration place...El Chicos!

This is Anna and Tate. He'll be going to ACA next year, too. When he asked the teacher who was testing him if Anna would be going to ACA, too, and she said "yes", he said "oh, you know I'm going to want to talk to her". He's a cutie!

Here's all my babies...big and small!

They sang a bunch of songs before the graduation. She actually sang all of them!

I didn't even cry! I probably will when she graduates Kindergarten. For sure will when she graduates High School. But, that's a blog for another day.
I can't believe all my girls will be in one school next year for the only year that will happen. But, it should make it a heck of alot easier. WOOHOO!
Congratulations, Anna. We're all so proud of you.


awwood2 said...

How grown up she is!! Congratulations, Anna!!

TigerJo said...

Those are some fine looking niecelettes there! And some pretty handsome nephal units too...