Friday, September 28, 2007

Before you watch the video, which isn't by any stretch riveting - I mostly filmed for the noise)...I must say that yes, this was our main bathroom's bathtub on Sunday and Monday. Our plumbing decided to back up on Sunday morning as I was getting ready for church. I was taking my shower and all of a sudden, the shampoo bottles we have on the floor of our shower (stall) were tipping over. That's not normal. Normally, the water flows freely down the drain. Not that day! Floaty, floaty went the bottles. Well, I know enough to know that I need to get finished quickly.

So, I get out and sure enough, water is leaking out of the bottom of the toilet. Don't ask me from whence it comes, it just does, all over the bathroom floor. I, ever the quick thinker, grab the toilet tissue, which we have so cleverly stored right by the toilet - on the floor -, and save it. Yay Me! If ever I get to go potty again in my bathroom, I'll have paper!

So, Conrad spent all day Sunday working on the plumbing in our home. I made sure to "go" whenever we went somewhere -men- avert your eyes...(it was "that" time of month, to add to my joy of living on Sunday) OK men, you can look again...or I went across the street to my benevolent friend Lisa's house.

At some point, Conrad used some God awful stuff down the drain and it smelled like poo. Sulfur, I think is the smell. I had to bring in Anna to change a diaper - way past time - and I nearly gagged at the smell. Conrad was just sitting there (waiting for the stuff to work) like it smelled like baking cookies in here. I asked him how he could sit there in that smell? He said "what smell?" uuurrrggghhh! Well, the stuff didn't work. Neither did all the other things my patient husband tried. So, I got to call a plumber.

Now, Monday wasn't a typical day. It wasn't like I was going to be home all day to wait for a plumber. No, I had to do another "Griffin Buck Truck" run. Friday wasn't enough. But that's a story for another day. So, I was going to be up at the school allllllllll day! Well, I call the plumber and she says she can get someone out there in about an hour or so. I told her that I would need her to wait for awhile so she says she'll call me when they can do it. (I told her preferably after 4 - if you can believe that!) So, at about 11:45 she calls and says someone is on their way. It just so happened that we had to put the truck up for about an hour and I was about to make more Griffin Bucks (oh joy, oh rapture!) so I said "I'm on my way!". All the while thinking "this better be quick, I gotta get back to the school"!

So, I meet the guy (Jose) and he goes in the backyard, not where the clog is. He goes up on the roof and apparently the higher off the ground he goes, the higher the fee, and he can't get to whatever it is up there. (The video is while he is up there - it made the house rock with noise - what do I do? Go grab my camera, of course!) Back down he goes and into the bathroom and off goes the toilet. 1 minute and he's done. I ask him to unclog the front clean-out so the washing machine will drain properly - well, he's here isn't he? and he gets that done and off I went, back to the school, just in time for the last run of the Griffin Buck Truck for the month. Man, if you don't see God in that timing, I don't know what to say.

So, all that black gunk - yeah, I know what it really is...-in the bathtub? It's gone. Clorox clean-up is great. Makes everything smell cleaner and look cleaner. There's still a stain but I feel like all the germs are gone. The "master bath" was clean in time for my husband to come home, take a shower and then take the girls out to the Ranger game. He asked what I was going to do while they were gone. I said "have myself a personal little breakdown".

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