Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Wow, we're finally back on-line! Our little baby (the computer) is back where it belongs, in our home, safe and sound. It had to have it's operating system removed then reinstalled. I think we had a virus or something. I don't think it was one that infected others, I think it just infected us. If it did infect you, I am so sorry, I had no idea that we were even infected with anything. But, it's all cleaned up now and ready to go.

I cannot, however, find where my pictures go when I send them from the camera to the computer. They are not where they used to be and I have to get back to my schoolwork so I can't spend alot of time looking for them. I will find them and share them with you soon. Some are too cute to pass up.

Blogging has become such a part of my life now that when I can't it's like I've lost my voice. I am happy to be back and hopefully either later tonight or sometime tomorrow I will show you the pictures I took in the 20 days since my last blog.

For those of you worried about me (and I've heard reports that some were), thank you for your concern. I am back and will continue sharing my little piece of the world. Thank you for your interest in it.

Y'all have a great evening and I'll blog at 'cha in a bit!

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