Monday, April 03, 2006


This time of year my screensaver at work always said the same thing. "Baseball and bluebonnets, life is good."

Today is opening day. I always wake up on opening day with a sense of anticipation or maybe something like teachers feel the first day of summer vacation. Maybe like you feel on Friday times 10. It's a wonderful day that almost always starts out cool and ends up warm enough for the first tan/burn of the season. There's the sense of possibility for my Rangers. A clean slate, a chance for the pennant - any pennant - playoffs - any playoffs. The smell of hot dogs, popcorn, cotton candy, nachos, peanuts. The sound of "Zonk" beating his drum (and by the way, our tickets this year are only a section away from him!) and everyone clapping to his beat. It's just a fan-freakin'-tastic day.

Here are all but one of the pictures I took today. It was actually a pretty rough day. The handicap van we bough for Uncle Ernie overheated which made us have to trasfer him and his scooter to our van and truck respectively. This in turn caused us to miss the national anthem (a sin in my book) and we were still outside when the flyover took place (an awesome thing to hear) and didn't make it into the ballpark until the second inning- thank you Ricky for giving us a ride so we could get there that much sooner. And lest you think we didn't start out early enough, we were ready to go to the ballpark at 11 am for a 1 pm first pitch. But because it is my favorite day of the year (besides Christmas)...all was and still is (thanks to my husband making me a margarita) well.
This is Sally telling me she doesn't do pictures. I tried to get her to stand with the field behind her but here she is with the big green pole behind her.
This is Jon with Anna right before we left for the game the second time. See, we're all still smiles.
This is Uncle Ernie after I got through with him. Just kiddin'. He actually fell and hit his eye and has 4 stitches in it above his eyebrow. His fall did not happen today and is another story altogether. But, he's enjoying the game!
This is my friend and Anna's favorite alto from choir, Karen. Anna just loves her and I think the feeling is mutual.

Um, Karen and Sallie, if you told them at work that you were sick today, you might not want to show them this blog!

Our neighbor Ricky told us that he saw Conrad and Anna on TV not once but twice today. How could they NOT put her on?

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