Saturday, September 16, 2006

Soccer rocks

Wow, what a day. First, how about these shirts? Thank you, Mom, for getting them for the girls. Aren't they cute? And, yes, we do rock.

Madeline had her first soccer game today. This is her in the dressing room before the game. I have forgotten alot of things in my purse, my brush, a nightgown, Christmas gifts at Christmas but I can honestly say I have NEVER forgotten to put on my underwear. This child, pictured below, forgets her underwear more often than she remembers them and yes, she "forgot" them today. AAARRRRGGGGHHHH!

This is her playing goalie for the second quarter. She allowed the only goal the other team scored.But gets better.

This is her right after scoring her SECOND goal of the game. I have the first one on video which you can watch here. What an exciting game. Conrad said "Just think how well she'll play when she remembers her underwear".

And for your moment of she is standing all by herself. Walking is only a step away.

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