Sunday, September 24, 2006

"It's hard to take the first step"

Keeping with the "Happy Fall" theme...Here is Anna about to try her first piece of Candy Corn.

Here she is eating it, no word on whether or not she liked it.

Last night, we couldn't find Sadie. Conrad found her and took the picture of where she was "hiding".

Today, when I went to church, I took Anna and Madeline with me. Anna used to go all the time with me and she's kind of a "choir baby". As far as I can tell, everyone likes her and they've all watched her grow up. So, today she was standing there and lo and behold, it happened. She took two steps! I have witnesses! I didn't catch it on the camera but the choir saw it. And, rightfully, they made a big deal of it. I started tearing up. This is THE LAST BABY and now she's a toddler. The coolest thing though was that our anthem was "Lead Me, Lord" and the first words to that song (which we practiced right after this monumental occasion)are "It's hard to take the first step...". How cool was that. Divine providence, Michele. I don't think we'll ever sing that song again that I don't think of that moment.

I might not have caught the first couple of steps on video but I caught a couple of subsequent ones. You can view them here.

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