Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Can you believe it's raining here? Blessed rain, cooling off the earth, Thank you, God!

OK, as promised, here are some pics from the trip to the Ft. Worth Zoo. We went Saturday and were going to go see the StarWars exhibit at one of the museums in Ft. Worth but the line to get a ticket was 35-40 minutes long and then you wouldn't get in until 3 hours later. Forget that!

So, here's the best picture I've ever taken of a Gorilla. My experience in this is vast (not). It's actually the only picture I've ever taken of a gorilla (children not included).
This is possibly the worst picture I've ever taken of my children. Had it been in focus and not in front of a big window where the flash shines through, it might have been a keeper. Thought I'd share it anyway.

Some of the pictures didn't load, don't know why. But, I'm forging on.

Since we didn't get to see C3PO and R2D2 from Star Wars, we went and got Ice Cream and sat by the fountain. The girls and Conrad had found a letterbox here before and Sadie had to show me where it was. This is her retrieving it. If you're a letterboxer and haven't found this one, skip this picture.

And for the most exciting news...I no longer have to upload videos to YouTube for your viewing enjoyment. That means you may get more videos on here because before, it was a pain in the hiney to remember to upload before I started to post and if I had more than one, it was a painstaking process - one you are all worth, by the way, but a pain nonetheless. So here is my first video not uploaded to YouTube.

I liked this video because you can hear the tiger growling. What an awesome sound. If I were out in the outback or wherever tigers live (yes, I actually don't know that right now - I'm sure somewhere in my vast store of knowledge it's there and if I were given a million dollars to come up with it, I could) I would probably wet my pants if I heard it.

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