Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New job pics!

As promised, here is a picture of me at the new job. I'm the first people see when they come into the school. For some, that's OK, and for some? I'm sure they'd rather see, oh...some beautiful blonde, buxom thing. But, I'll have to do.
Me at my desk!
This is my "partner in crime" Jackie. She is the sweetest thing and knows OH SO MUCH MORE THAN ME! She really is a fountain of information. And, the best part? She loves chocolate and Dr. Pepper! Were we a couple made in heaven or what?
One of the perks of the job is I get to see most of the teachers at some point during the day. We do have a wonderful staff of teachers at our school. I knew this because I've been the PTO President, however, working with them has been a great thing because I get to see them "in action". This is Mrs. Reller. She's a sweetie! And those things she has in her hands? Griffin Bucks. Just in case you've heard me talking about them before, that's a good look at 'em.
Oh, and news on the Aaron front. They posted the jobs for the first productions and he is Master Electrician for the first one and Master Carpenter for the second one (Romeo and Juliet). I can't remember what the first production is called. But, we'll be there!
WooHoo! Go Aaron!

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