Friday, September 19, 2008


OK, so there's alot of stuff going on, most of it making me very tired.

First, the new job. Very wonderful job. It's fast paced. I answer phones, questions, "cure" sick children or send them home (what I wouldn't give for a school nurse) help the teachers with stuff, it's just never ending and that's the way I like it. I love the people I work with, I get an occasional hug from my kids or those who I know and in general just enjoy the heck out of it.

It hasn't been without controversy but I won't get into that. Hopefull it's passed but you never know. And, just for the record, it's nothing I have done but the actions and offensive (toward me) words of others. My mother and husband wisely suggested (demanded) I not get in the thick of it and I am the better person for it. The controversy has shown me who my friends are and what wonderful friends they are. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right?

On to bigger and better things.

Anna has adjusted well. She loves going to Elaine's house. Her name comes out more like "Lynn" than Elaine but I know who she's talking about. She loves Ben and Gavin and in general loves being over there. Maybe because she can walk in the house without tripping over something. I hope to remedy that here tomorrow.

Conrad starts working Saturdays tomorrow. Yeah for the paycheck, boo for the time away from family and help with the house. We'll survive that. His birthday was Wednesday.

If I were to write him a letter or a memory page like I do the girls, it would go something like this:

Dear Conrad,

Who knew when we met 16 years ago that our lives would be forever entwined? You are the love, strength and light of my life. The person I go to when things get rough, my shoulder to cry on, my favorite friend to laugh with and I would rather spend time with you than anyone on earth. My favorite times with you are when we are sitting outside "talking story". I never get tired of hearing about your life before me, shocking though some of it may be, and am glad you decided to make me a permanent part of your life 11 years ago. I haven't regretted one minute of it.

Never once have I doubted your love for me. That's HUGE.

I love the fact that when I really grumpy for no reason you know I probably need to eat or sleep. I appreciate the fact that when I do need to sleep, most the time you let me. Well, I guess I understand why when faced with the alternative.

I also appreciate the fact that now that I'm working you're not overly upset at the state of the house. Probably because you know I'd tell you if you don't like the way it looks, you're arms aren't broken - clean it yourself. I also appreciate the fact that you knew it was important to me to work and this job (although a couple of years early) was the perfect one for me. Thank you for your support.

You make me laugh. You make me want to be a better person. You make me see the good in me. You even make me see when I'm overreacting to something stupid. You also accept my apologies when I am less than who I can be.

If I can even do half of what you do for me, I will consider myself a success. I love you and am glad you love me.

All my love,
Your wife.

Well, it would go something like that anyways. Hope you're all not going into diabetic shock right now. If so, drink some orange juice. Or better yet, hoist a margarita in my darling husband's honor.

Madeline lost another tooth this week. Yep, the tooth fairy made a visit to our house.

The new-to-me camera is working, but the dock isn't, so tomorrow I'm going to sit down, in between cleaning, and post some pictures from Aaron and see if I can just connect the camera via the USB cable that I have. I'm sure it will work.

Be looking for a new post tomorrow! If I don't, you'll know I got really into the old housecleaning...awww who am I kidding? I'll be posting.

FYI: The song playing is the song Conrad requested to play when he calls me on my phone.

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