Wednesday, February 04, 2009


This is the face of the flu.
Yesterday, Mads came to the office telling me she ached all over and didn't feel good and felt like she was going to throw up. There were tours of the school scheduled (Jackie's job, but someone has to be in the office while she's giving the tour) and re-enrollment packets coming in right and left. Just not really a good day for me to be packing up and leaving. So I took her temp. (99.2) on our school thermometer - which I despise) and told her to get my blanket (that I keep up there for those cold days when the door opens 5000 times and the cold air comes whipping up under my desk, freezing my legs) and go lay down on the sick bed. It was finally decided that after the next tour, I would take her home.
Well, we left with Sadie in tow so I wouldn't have to go back up there, stopped and got Sadie, Conrad and me some lunch and back to the house. As soon as she got out of the van, she started puking. Conrad helped her into the house and told me that she felt really warm. I took her temp. again and it was 103.1. Ewwww, my baby is really sick! We put her in my bed and warned Sadie not to go in there.
Then, I asked Elaine if she would just drop Anna off since Mads was so sick, I hated to leave her there for any length of time, even if she was just sleeping. So, while we waited for Anna, I took Mads' temp. again, 104.2. Up to this point she has refused any medicine (I think in fear of it coming back up) so now I told her she had to take some motrin. So, in goes the motrin and about an hour later the fever was down to 101.1. Later in the evening, she had some crackers, gatorade, sprite and some soup. Everything is staying down now but she's still achy and has fever, 101.1.
So, it looks like we'll be home for another day. The rule for school is 24 hours fever-free before they can return. She needs to get well, she has the father-daughter dance to attend on Friday night.
So, everyone out there in bloggy-land, please pray for Mads. I know it will run it's course and all will be well, eventually. It's just so sad when Mads isn't her lively self.

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