Monday, May 25, 2009

playing a little catch up

Hi! Been awhile, I know. Lots has gone on that I would show you in pictures, however, when I started taking pictures on Saturday, I deleted all the pictures in my camera - not thinking that I hadn't downloaded all of them yet - so we'll just start with Saturday.

Saturday was very busy. First was Sadie's recital. She did very well. We were all so proud of her. Nonnie came in for the event and, while it was a short stay, we all enjoyed her being here.

This is Sadie receiving all her ribbons and her bronze medal for piano this year. She has really improved, I think.

This is her recital piece. It's Minuet by Bach. She's so impressed that she learned a piece by Bach. Thanks to Nonnie, she memorized it. Nonnie put the edict down that she should practice 30 minutes a day and after the second day, she had it memorized. Sit back and enjoy.

I put this video of a song another young man played (yes, I only got a portion of it) that hearkened me back to my youth. Sundays on the way to church with my sister and my Daddy. He taught us all sorts of songs. Well, I should say, he taught us new words to songs that already existed. Here are the words to this song. My Mom, sister and Aunt Janis will probably already know these words. Go ahead, you know the tune. It's the one in the video...Sing along!!!

Give a cheer, give a cheer

For the boys who drink the beer

In the bathrooms of ol' Blytheville High

They are brave they are bold

And the liquor they can hold

Is a story that's never been told

For it's guzzle guzzle guzzle

As the beer goes down the muzzle

Shout out your order loud and clear


For wherever you go

You will always know

That those beercans

Just won't flush away.

After the recital and after Mom left, I went and took a nap. I intended to just sleep for an hour or so but, apparently, I needed some sleep and got up just in time to get ready for church, for Monsignor Joe's 50th anniversary celebration Mass. (50 years in the priesthood, pretty good, huh?) Here he is in his Monsignor robe. I've never seen him in these. I missed the mass where he was Monsignored or however you say it.

Immediately after that little shindig, I went home and we all went to Ethan Hale's birthday party. You know, Ethan Hale - Becky Hale's son, and that means Becky Hale cookies!!!! Since it was at a water park, the cookies were nautical themed. Aren't they cute? They were delicious, as usual. Thanks Becky!

It ended up that everyone had to get out of the water due to lightening but we'll get to go back at some point. So, two parties for the price of one. Can't beat that!

On to today...Happy Memorial Day. I hope you all are remembering those who gave their lives in the service of our country. We needed a new flag so Conrad and the girls went out to get one. Mads helped put it up.

(And, Mumsey, if you're wondering why Mads isn't in her new swimsuit, she's been in the new one for two days and it needed to dry.)

And our Amazing Rangers play the icky Yankees today and one of the perks of living where we do is that we get the flyovers. This Memorial day it was 4 helicopters. I just happened to have my camera out and caught it. Had to run like the wind to get it but I made it.

I hope this Memorial Day is one of rememberance, cookouts and just plain enjoyment for you all.

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TigerJo said...

I can't believe this! I was just singing that VERY SAME SONG last night! Don't really know why...oh, i guess all the military music. But isn't that weird that you posted the words today??? Great minds run in the same circles....