Sunday, May 03, 2009

This weekend was the annual trip to San Antonio for the Cinco de Mayo Soccer Tournament. The "Killer Ducks" (Conrad's team) always stay at the same place, although it changes names from time to time. It's now known as Hawthorne Suites and when we got there, these were in the fountain out front.
Think they appreciate us? We've stayed there for 10 years now so, I'm sure they do. We always have a lovely time and there's lots of soccer and a "banquet" at a local restaurant after the Saturday games. Now, for the Ducks, it's not a tournament they hope to win, that's not the point. The point is to get together and play for the weekend. And, when I say play, I do mean soccer but I mean play in other ways as well. Nobody plays like the Ducks! However, this year, they fooled around an won two of the three games on Saturday which means they had a playoff game on Sunday morning. For the Ducks, this is hard, because the aforementioned "playing" really kicks in on Saturday night at the banquet so, it's hard for everyone to get up for an 8:30 game, not to mention the three games they played the day before have taken a toll upon their "duckly" bodies.

Last night at the banquet, we got a call that Anna had a fever, so we were more inclined to go home on Sunday morning than play/watch soccer so, inadvertently or not, we ended up sleeping until 8:15 and would have missed 3/4 of the game anyway so we just went on and headed home. We hope the Ducks did well in the playoffs. Sorry you didn't have Conrad to help out.

However, on Saturday night after the banquet, we decided to do something a little different for us. We went downtown and strolled along the Riverwalk and went to Alamo. As witnessed here.

That's my sweet husband in front of one of Texas most historical landmarks. We enjoyed being away for the weekend (without the girls - big shout out to Anita for making that happen) and just being together and with other adults. San Antonio is a lovely city (when you don't live there - been there, done that!).

I hear we missed exciting weather here. I hope you all "weathered" the storms and your house is more sturdy than the Cowboys training facility! That news even hit SA out on the soccer fields. Have a great week, everyone. Stay away from "flu-ish" people and stay healthy!

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