Saturday, April 25, 2009

The elusive #500

Welcome to the 500th post of the "Wanglerworld" blog. Because coming up with some sort of monumental list or memorable post essentially scared me into not posting for over a week (call it writer's block), I am posting about a wonderful event in the Wangler family: Madeline's first communion.

Today was the day! Madeline's turn to finally take first communion. And, here she is with her Godparents, Paul and Anita.

Nana even came to town to see the wonderful event. Although her GPS led her astray and she didn't get there until after it was over. We were happy to see her anyway!

In all her glory!

With Nanny and Parrain.

And, sister Sadie.

All three of my girls.

All of my family except Uncle Howard, and the Armstrongs. Cool.

One down...

...two down... more to go. See y'all in 5 years for my next "first communion" post!

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