Thursday, August 13, 2009

4 pictures of a 4 year old

Since Anna turns four today, I thought I would post 4 pictures of her, taken today.

This morning she woke up to the sound of her momma singing "Happy Birthday" and was wished a happy birthday by everyone in the family. And opening her present that she told her Nonnie "this is what you are going to get me for my birthday" and sure enough, Nonnie did. Then to Mrs. Jennifer's where she was greeted by "Happy Birthday" by all of her kids.

They then decorated birthday cupcakes and in general had a very pleasant day, by all accounts that I heard.

Then back home and more birthday presents from sisters and some money from them and Mr. Phil - she's got more cash than I do! Then to Chic-fil-a and ice cream from Marble Slab and sitting by the fountain in Lincoln Square. Now we are home and trying deperately to get these darn children to bed.

Now, I think I will tell you four favorite things about Anna.

1. Anna has this look she gives you when she's done something wrong that she thinks is conveying her innocence. It cracks me up so much that I can't keep a straight face so she thinks she's getting away with whatever it is she's done. But, Momma knows!

2. The way she says vanilla. It's more like va-willa.

3. How she still has her blankie that my step-sister, Nancy, made for her. While this is also a non-favorite - as in "how long is she going to carry this thing around?", I'm impressed that it has held up so well and that she is so true to it. Since she got it, right out of the box, it has been "her blankie". And, heaven forbid we leave it somewhere, there is heck to pay if that happens.

4. Her verbage. She uses "actually" correctly and other words I would consider too old for her.

I remember 4 years ago, this time of the day (10:55 as I am typing, now) we were holding our little girl and oohing and aahing over her sweetness and marveling, once again, at how we had been blessed.

From the beginning, she has been Aaron's baby and still is. She gets excited when he comes home. He argues that her dates will have to answer to him, her big brother. He would always pick her up at her slightest whimper and he was the first to weigh her.
Sometimes I feel like she's not getting a childhood or getting to be a "baby" because she wants to do everything her big sisters do. It's hard to watch her try and fail, but I guess she's gaining character and strength from such failings. And it's very exciting to see her try and succeed at things she probably shouldn't be able to do yet. Momma is proud.
She likes feeding the animals, especially the fish and considers it a special treat when she does. She and Paco have a love-hate relationship. She loves to run from him and hates it when he chases and (generally) catches her and nips at her. If Paco lives through Anna's childhood, he'll be a tough dog, indeed. She's usually picking him up by the legs or pulling too hard on the collar or something equally painful (I'm sure) for him.
She will start a new school this year. She's going to be a few places down from us at school so she'll be close and go to the same place everyday. She's excited about this and is ready for her new adventure. One last year before she starts "real" school. Momma is ready (she thinks).
I thank God for the gift that is Anna. Wrapped everyday in a sweet hug and a smile reserved just for me.
Some days one of my children will do something very kind for me and I tell them "you're my favorite". She always asks me who my favorite is that day and she says "children" "child-wen" and it always makes me smile. Today, Anna, you are my favorite.
Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

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awwood2 said...

So precious! Happy Birthday, Anna!