Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lots of catchin' up to do

Week before last, we were all sitting outside when all of a sudden a bird essentially flew all upside my head. I thought it was a humming bird but it ended up being a parakeet. After several screams by some of us it finally landed on the side of the van and Conrad caught it.

Here's the pretty birdie. We gave it to some people who had a bird cage on their front porch (after we tried in vain to find the owner) with parakeets in it.
Then, last weekend a family invited us all out to a place called Lifetime Fitness to enjoy the facilities and they have a really cool pool, all sorts of exercise stuff and a big indoor soccer field. Here's a picture of all the girls together. We really had a great time and enjoyed spending time with the Augons.

Today, we (Catholics) celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Ft. Worth diocese. There was a huge mass at the Tarrant County Convention Center. The picture at right is the dais (I'm guessing that's the correct term -if not, blame Conrad). Those beautiful banners were made by the Carmelite nuns. Awesome.
I took part in the celebration as a member of the diocesan choir. Below or to the right depending on how this loads (- he's in a black jacket) is the director of the large choir, Russell (I never got his last name) and next to Michele (choir director at my church) he's my favorite choir director. He seemed to enjoy what he does and was a joy to sing for, and very expressive.

I also got to meet the man who wrote the Misa Luna which is the new music for the mass that we've been using all summer. He gave me permission to sing the new verse of the Gospel Acclamation (for you non-Catholics that's the Alleluias we sing before the Gospel is read) at our church. OK, Sallie was there, too, and I asked him to tell her I get to sing it first but he didn't go that far. It was a blood bath between us fighting about who would sing it first. I think she Cantors before I do so she'll probably win.

That's him in the white shirt and tie

I think every priest in the diocese was there at this mass. I know there was at least one Bishop, and maybe two Archbishops many (maybe all the deacons and these Knights of the Holy Sepulcher who had on really cool capes and even cooler hats. I'm sure that's sacrilegious on some level but they did.
Speaking of the Tarrant County Convention Center, there's a star made out of hats. Here's the picture. Really cool.
All in all, I was enthused after I left and infused with excitement for our faith and ready for choir to start again (we take vacation during the summer). I hope all faiths have an event such as this to help get their "flock" enthusiastic.

The video is for my Mumsey, it's of the organist playing as the procession takes place. The organist was not only good (of course, not as good as Mumsey) but a Methodist as well.

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awwood2 said...

Great pictures of the Diocesan Mass. Thanks for posting them--and for singing in the choir!