Monday, August 31, 2009


We have started school. In years past, it was YAHOOOOO time. Now, since I work at the school it's survival mode for me. Here are the girls on their way to school!

One of the cool things at the school this year is Mrs. Alvarado's hedgehog. She got her for a classroom pet and boy is she cute! I call her Persephone, her class voted and it was split between Spike and Angel so they call her AngelSpike. I know what her real name is. Here she is...

In the middle of June, two days before we came back from our vacation, we had a power surge in the house. The oven got fried as well as the vent-a-hood and multiple other electrical items (including the computer). We finally got our settlement from said power surge (it was caused by a tree-trimmer, not the electric company otherwise, we'd just be up a creek without a paddle) and got an oven and instead of a vent-a-hood we decided on a microwave/vent combo.

We decided on an oven/cook top combo instead of our range and wall oven set up we had before. That oven is huge! This is a picture of the oven/microwave today, cooking my beef for my first big meal made in the lovely new appliance. I made lasagna....look below! The oven cooked it just right!

And then do you know what it did? It cooked the cheesy garlic toast perfectly! Now, what do you think about that? Sounds to me like I'm going to be expected to cook alot in the days and weeks to come. What was I thinking?

Today, we celebrated Mrs. Alvarado's birthday and one of the mothers made cupcakes for her class and look how cute they are! They're HEDGEHOGS!!!!

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awwood2 said...

Congratulations on your new oven & microwave! And yes, it does mean you'll be cooking up a storm in the next months!