Thursday, February 16, 2006

red letter day

WooHoo!!!!! Madeline can ride her bike without training wheels! Gone forever the irritating noise those hard plastic wheels made. Unfortunately, now I won't be able to tell where she is by the irritating sound those hard plastic wheels made. We were all standing outside - by we I mean my neighbors, Lisa, Phillip and Ricky, Conrad and I and all our assorted children. Madeline, apparently being of the "I have an audience I can do anything" mentality heard someone tell her that she might as well take those training wheels of her bike. Well, that's all it audience. She went and put on her pads (she already had on her helmet) and put on shoes (she never has those on) and got back on her bike and off she went. Trouble was, the training wheels were still on it. After fixing that little problem she took to it like a bee to pollen, like a bear catchin' trout, like a 5 year old to a training wheel-less bike. The crowd went wild! A few spills but she got right back on every time. We're all so proud, especially Sadie. She helped, too. The second picture is of her taking over for Conrad and the third picture is of Madline running into the black car (she did this several times).

More red letter stuff happened today but I'll save it for tomorrow. Gotcha wonderin' now, don't I?

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