Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Yesterday, Madeline read her first word to me. It was Mat. I was so proud. She's on her way. We're going to read some more today. She gets a little frustrated that it's not coming easier but I know it will in time.

I know the picture doesn't match what happened but that's for two reasons. One, I didn't take a picture of her reading to me. Two, I haven't put very many pics of Sadie on here and who can resist a picture of Sadie AND Anna?

This picture is of Sadie and Anna. Sadie stayed home yesterday with a "stomach ache". NEVER AGAIN!!!!!! I don't know why I let her this time. It is a whoopin' when she stays home. But I made her stay in her bed and she had to miss Brownies (the group - not the food). By the way, if anyone needs anymore Girl Scout cookies, please let me know. I've got a bunch of them.

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