Saturday, October 06, 2007

Last Night was First Friday Family Fun Night at ACA. We played games. Susan, my Vice-President and friend, did a great job of planning and executing the games for the kids. This picture is Sadie trying to break a balloon. Not long after this, Anna pointed out into the hall as if to say "this is WAY to loud, mama, I want out, NOW!"

One of the games was crab-walking across the floor. Anna played, too. The person to her left is Sadie so it's really a bonus video of them.

This is Elsa Archangel. Isn't that a great name? We see her most every morning at school and she always says to Anna, "there's my little friend, you want to go with me?" I told her that someday Anna would say "yes" and she'd be stuck. Well, last night she did say "yes" when asked and she crawled up into Elsa's car and buckled up. She would NOT get out. Finally, I had to tell her that she could ride with Elsa around to the other side of the school but then, she would have to go with me. She did just that and was most upset with me that she couldn't go home with Mrs. Elsa.

This is Kolton (Madeline's boyfriend - who knows, maybe they're broken up right now, you never can tell with them) participating in the flipper/snorkel relay.

If Anna had gone home with Mrs. Elsa, she'd miss snuggling with her Daddy.

Here are my two atheletes, today, between their two games. Aren't they sweet?

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