Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cowboys and ducks

This morning, the fog was so thick, I took this picture at the corner of where the new Cowboy Stadium or "The Stadium in Arlington" as we call it, or "Jonesville" or what it truly should be called "Landry Field" but, I digress. As you can see by the picture, or can't see, it was really, really foggy. You couldn't even see the arches or trusses as they are actually called. Pretty wild. Things get wilder!
As I am doing my "homework", dutifully studying with the front door open so I can feel the nice coolness of outside, I hear all sorts of helicopters flying over which means 1) there's a felon on the loose and they're trying to chase him down or 2) someone's been hurt at the construction site or - as I know is the case today - the "keystone" to the arch (or truss) is being set today. I feel the urge to blog it. So, off I go. I'm so easily distracted.

When I got there, there was a News 4 truck there and I was snapping away, see the picture?

Then, Mr. Adrian Arambulo, from News Fox 4, comes to me and asks what I think and I tell him and he asks if he can put me on the noon news. Well, duh, of course! So, he gets the cameraman and back they are for the "interview". He asks about 3 or 4 questions and that's that. So, I go home and wait for the noon news and there I am, lead story. Looking for all the world like one of those people they interview after a tornado and I actually said "My gosh, it's huge!" (or words to those effects) on the local news. I wanted to crawl under a rock. Conrad even says my teeth look horrible, so now I look like a grandma-tornado victim hooked on meth or whatever drug messes with your teeth. Great. Just what I wanted for my TV debut. Well, rather than make y'all go looking all over the place for the clip - which I know you can find because you're all so computer savvy - I'll include a link to it - just click here.

And, just so you know, no - NO I did not know my hair looked like that, had I known, I would have taken it down. I had put it up while on the phone so that when I got finished talking, it would be out of my way for transcribing. Hence the reason it looks like Anna put it up for me.

Then up to the school to see the unveiling of the Griffin Buck Truck in all it's painted glory! Jessica did a fantastic job. See for yourself...
It's got a grill, headlights and a driver! Recognize him? It's Mr. Simon.
This is one of the sides, see the ducks? I may not have told you but each month we're going to have a Griffin Buck Truck Duck. Here you see the Professor duck in the left corner and Rainy Day duck in the upper right corner.
And here's the winter duck. I love that it looks like a penquin. Jessica is in charge of her church's WinterFest and it's theme is penquins. I feel like it will always have a part of Jessica on it. And, how about that license plate? That was my request. I wanted it to have a vanity plate. Really, Jessica, I cannot thank you enough and I cannot even put into words how cute this is. I hope lots of people comment on it. Thank you for all your hard work!

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