Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Visitor's Day

Yesterday was Madeline's first "vistor's day" at dance. She was very excited to have her guests which included: Sadie, Anna and me.

I would have posted this last night but my head was killing me by the time the girls went to bed. Worry not, I don't have a tumor or anything, I'm giving up Dr. Pepper. Yes, you read that right. I'm giving up Dr. Pepper. The reason is multi-faceted...I am hoping to lose a few pounds by giving it up, my health can only improve and it should save some money. Although when I think about it, I could have more expensive addictions, say, crack or heroine. In the scheme of things, I really won't save that much money but I can feel like I am. I'll still drink it when I go out to eat or other such occasions, we just won't have it around the house. Can you believe it? Oooo, I just had a thought, I could give up giving up Dr. Pepper for lent! Dang that lent, now I'll have to drink Dr. Pepper! "Don't throw me in that briar patch Brear Bear!"

Back to visitors day: Here's Madeline Chassez-ing around the circle. I'm not sure I spelled that right but you get my drift.

And this video is of Madeline singing "Dancing Tickles My Toes". Very cute.

And, lest you think because you saw these videos you don't have to attend any recital?...forgetaboutit! The recital is May 31 and Madeline has invited everyone she sees. If she hasn't invited you, yet, she just hasn't seen you. Put the date on your calendar!

This video is after Mads got finished and Anna wanted to dance. Mads is such a good big sister!

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