Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our Fall Break

The kids had fall break last week and I'm finally getting to post our exciting time.

First, Jon Michel, my oldest, turned 21 on Monday. We celebrated at El Chico's then went to a <gasp> bar and watched the Cowboys game (yep, they won!) and played some pool (I lost, as did Jon) and I got to "hang out" with his friends who are all very nice and I really enjoyed being around them. They even acted like they liked when I played "Dancing Queen" on the jukebox!

Tuesday, we went to my Mom's house in Shreveport. This is what greeted us... (I made her stand back in the door so I could take her picture!) my Mumsey - not on a walker or anything!
How wonderful does that look? Can you believe just 3 short months ago she broke her leg and now look at her!

Wednesday, we went up to her church and she let Sadie play the organ. Here they are hard at work.
And this video is so you can hear Sadie playing the organ.

Anna's expression says it all!
Anna joins in the fun!

Thursday, we went down to the Lousiana Boardwalk and the girls got to go to Build-a-Bear Workshop and make new friends - literally - Sadie made a dog, Sugar, Madeline made a monkey, Curious George, and Anna made a turtle, Tinky.

Then, once Anna was down for a nap, I got to go to <gasp, again> a casino! The man who is in charge of all this God forsaken construction on our street found out I was going to Shreveport and gave me money to play the roulette wheel for him. I think he thinks the only reason people go to Shreveport is to go gamble. Little did he know I have never in my life been to a casino in Shreveport. He asked which one we were going to and I said (thinking ever so quickly) "do you have a preference?" He said "no" so I went to the only one I could find the entrance to - it's on the way to the Boardwalk. I didn't win any money for him, unfortunately. But, it was fun - ish. I think it would have been more fun had I known more of what to do. I just put the money on the numbers that he gave me and hoped for the best. Yes, now I know you can put money on the lines and corners, etc. but I didn't know it then.

And lastly, Sadie and I went letterboxing on the campus of Centenary College. There is a series of 5 boxes and we found 3 of them. The campus is beautiful and we really enjoyed walking around it.

This is Sadie with the contents of the first of our boxes.

We had El Chico's and Mr. Gatti's pizza and my mom actually cooked lasagna the last night we were there. Ok, Stouffer's actually cooked it, she heated it. But, it was still delicious. Thanks, Mom, for letting us come invade your home for 3 1/2 days. You're a great hostess!

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