Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Sadie!

Today is Sadie's 10th birthday. We took cupcakes to school (and no, she didn't bring me one!) and then went to see Abby (the one in the middle of the picture) in Fruitcakes playing at Theatre Arlington. I highly recommend it. Very humorous and touching. My favorite line? Uttered by Abby herself "Lord, Momma, there's chicken pox in heaven!". If that doesn't make you want to go see it, I don't know what will. I have discount coupons up at the school if you would like to go see it and get a deal. It's a good holiday show. Anyway...

Sadie has two girls spending the night, both named Abby (although, one is Abby and one is Abi). We'll have a "real" party after Christmas when all our Saturdays (and those of her guests) aren't taken up with Elf shows and other family obligations.

I'm sure you're all waiting for my traditional "Birthday toast" to my oldest daughter. You shan't be disappointed.

This year I have seen my Sadie blossom. She has come out of her shell, so to speak. She's taking dance (of her own volition) and I was worried about her performing in front of people especially these "Elf Shows". (Elf shows in case you're new to the blog are Christmas shows performed at local nursing homes and other holiday occasions such as the community Christmas party at our church tomorrow - frankly, they are as much a holiday tradition around Arlington as...well...I don't know of anything except perhaps the parade that has gone on as long as Elf Shows.) In these shows, the kids are right there in front of the people. Sometimes that's more daunting than being up on a stage where you can't see people. However, I could tell after the first one, the performance "bug" had bit her. She loves doing them and if she takes dance next year, I don't think there will be a problem with the recital.

Also, I have seen her "blossom" physically. I think you all remember the post when I announced to the world she now has a bra. If you don't, well, you are now up to date.

She has her own style completely different from her sisters (and, frankly, mine) and that's OK. I want her to be her own person.

The girl is smart. She's not necessarily motivated but she's smart. She's still a procrastinator and would rather wait until the last minute to do something and many times there are extra points for just getting me to sign an assignment or test. Does she do this? No. She doesn't need the points. She has faltered from her straight "A"s but considering I'm not on her 24-7 to get her homework done, I'm impressed. My theory (probably wrong but, too bad) is that I've spent the last 5 years saying "get your homework your homework...did you do your homework...GET YOUR HOMEWORK DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! If she hasn't gotten it by now, she is just not going to get it. If it's a big thing, yeah, I'm on her. But for her everyday assignments, that's her responsibility. If her grades drop, she will suffer the consequences. I haven't figured out anything that works, yet. But I will. Oh the joy (for me) when that day comes.

She has loyal friends and they fight and make up and act like 10 year olds and I love every minute of it. She stands up for herself when they fight and while I appreciate that in her and, actually admire her because I didn't have that much self-confidence when I was her age, I feel for the friend who has offended her because she isn't quick to forgive. (Thank you, Katelyn, for being patient with her and waiting her out.)

She is getting out of "kid" stuff like cartoonish movies and very much coming into the "pre-teen" world. Right on target. She's listening more to "mainstream" radio - country is her style -than Radio Disney although there's tunes on there she still likes.

I dread the day that those hormones start raging because we already clash on most everything but, forewarned is fore-armed. I'm preparing mentally now and stocking up on Valium and tequila for the event. (I'm kidding. I don't know anyone who takes Valium and I drink the tequila now!)

So far, boys are only in the "like from afar" stage. I've seen evidence of a crush and nearly fainted at the show of affection (a big sign with her "crush's" name on it) it gave me a reality check. Man, this boy thing isn't far off is it? Perhaps drinking all the tequila now isn't such a good idea. Conserve, woman!

Even with all this growth, she's becoming more of a Momma's girl. She hugs me more often than she used to and is just as likely to want to snuggle or crawl up in my lap as Madeline. I like that change.

All in all, I really kinda like who she is becoming. And while I don't understand some of it (like where she gets her self-confidence because, again, at that age, I didn't have it) I appreciate it and just stand back and let her deal with things. I am hoping that's right and that she will someday appreciate it.

Sadie, I can't wait to see what this year brings...or can I? Keep being the lovely girl you are. Stand strong and stick to your guns but know when to bend - not break - for the sake of friendship. Some friendships are worth that. Study hard, please? Work smart. The work is so much easier when you do it a little at a time instead of cramming a whole report into two days. Keep on growing into the beautiful young lady you are becoming. I love you.

And, since it became "the day after Sadie's birthday" since I started writing this post, Happy Birthday to our neighbor Phil!

Oh, and since it's now 1:17 am, I'm going to put this on here since I know Jennifer reads the blog. That "Azul margarita" is the best. thing. ever.! If you like margaritas, this stuff is in a bottle (duh) and you put it in your freezer and it slushes up and you squish the bottle for it to come out but it's still easy to get out and it's the smoothest margarita! No "ooch - wow, I can taste the tequila" feeling in your mouth, just smooth enjoyable yummyness. Thank you for the "just 'cause" gift, you're t-rrific.!

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