Sunday, December 28, 2008

Wangler Christmas Party, '08

Today the Wangler Christmas party was held in Chandler, Texas at the lovely home of Chris and Lyndie Wangler. Lots of cousins, brothers and sisters were there and a great time was had by all. Here are some of the pics (taken, of course, by my new camera!).
This is Dana's family. Dana is #1 of the 10 children of the Wangler clan. All of her children and grandchildren were in town for the event. We loved seeing everyone and how much Nick and Natalie have grown. And little Chloe (who is expecting a new sibling in May of 2009) has really gotten big. What a lovely family.
The Paul Wangler family with 2 of their 5 kids with them. Hannah (who started college this year) and Daniel are in the wagon.

All the first cousins.

After all the pics of families were taken, Conrad was left by himself with the Paparazzi. Hmmm, you know, pictures were taken of our family but for some reason they didn't show up when I downloaded. I wonder what happened to them. Well, if someone got one, please e-mail it to me and I'll put it on here. Crazy!

We always do a present exchange and, used to be, Sadie and Mads were the only kids and we made sure we got something they would like because they would end up with it anyway. Now they are not the only ones and it was amazing how many kids were there. In the end, Mads ended up with what she brought after all. She was happy about that. Anna did, too. Sadie got lip gloss and she was just fine with her haul.

By the way, there are 3 new babies due this coming year to the Wangler family. The first, in Feb., then May and June. Who knows how many new ones there will be by the end of the year. Congrats all you parents to be.

This party was wonderful. We saw all the cousins, sisters, brothers, in-laws, out-laws (not really, there aren't any in the Wangler clan - that we would admit to, anyway) had great food and fellowship. The Wanglers are a great bunch of people and I was very lucky to marry into such a loving family.

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