Thursday, December 18, 2008

The letter

Today, we got a letter in the office, placed on the desk behind me where I would see it, but not right away. I scanned it and sent it to myself but apparently didn't save it right because it won't upload to here. However, this is what it said:

"Sorry Mrs. Jacky and Ms. Lisa for going up there to the office every time of the Day. I won't go there anymore for the year, and will show no more bad things. And I will stop telling stories about missing lunch."

Now, after dissecting this letter, we surmise it probably came from our little "FOV12" (see previous post). What gave it away was the "show the bad things and telling stories about missing lunch" this boy does this often (the lunch thing, not the "bad" thing).

This amused me and touched me and made me quite aware of some parenting going on here. I appreciate his mother making him write the apology, I bet he does quit coming up there so often. However, I like to think we're just such loving, wonderful people that he enjoys coming to visit. Well, we'll see what happens next year.

And, yes, I know the whole quote should have been indented at the beginning and end of the lines but I indented the first line and fully expected to go back and do the rest after I finished but seems my keyboard and my blog aren't really speaking to each other except for the most basic of commands, like typing so, all you grammer/speech people out there, as Sadie is fond of saying "build a bridge and get over it".

Hope y'all enjoyed all that cooooollllldddd weather! Yikes was it cold or what?

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