Saturday, January 03, 2009

The tree

The last post, I talked about the house might not be standing the next time I wrote. Well, we're lucky things worked out the way they did. We "hired" Richard and a friend to come take down a tree that stands between our house and our neighbor Ricky's house. Here is said tree...

...pretty tall tree, huh? Well, here's Richard up in the tree...

...and to give you a little perspective of how high he was in that tree. I will say that Richard is a hard worker. Not afraid of anything, like heights or steeply pitched roofs, which he dealt with today.
They got about 2/5 of the tree down. Only 2 holes in two different roofs (ours and Ricky's) and one broken-some-more window, two men hanging on for dear life and a wife/sister-in-law having a hard time breathing for fear that someone was going to hurt themselves by falling off a roof/tree later and we're over it. We're going to hire someone to get the rest of the tree down.
The first couple of limbs came down fine. Then a limb took off some facia (sp?) board off a dormer of Ricky's house (already repaired) and poked a hole through the roof and down into the sheetrock in a bedroom. Yeah, that needs to be fixed. Then a couple more successes then a HUGE limb (think trunk) came down and lifted both Conrad and the companion of Richard right up into the air. Had I known all that was going to happen, I would have SO taken video. It was a bit humorous but at the same time I was praying that Conrad would hold on and not fall. That big limb put a hole in our roof over the garage. Then a few more and one that broke the already broken window on Ricky's upstairs (that same tree did the damage in a windstorm). Ricky hasn't been home yet. Everytime a car comes down the street, my tummy tightens. I hope that makes it tone up a bit. If so, I'll be looking good tomorrow.
Anyway, no one is hurt (too badly - Conrad's very sore, or will be tomorrow) and we have lots of wood if anyone needs any.

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