Monday, March 09, 2009

Goodbye forever ol' Blue!

This Saturday, we took ol' Blue to her final resting place. A nice "car graveyard" where all good cars go and they are treated car-ly (car equivalent of humanely). This is ol' Blue's journey to the end...her last trip out of the 'hood.

Her last "head shot"...

Phillip saying "good-bye", not pushing her.
As it should be, she had a procession to her grave, Conrad drove her, Phillip behind him and I brought up the rear. We had our lights and flashers on, more as a warning than out of respect, since we were only going about 40 on the highway. I even got misty-eyed on the way over there. Once we reached her final resting spot, it appeared she may have thrown a rod, the equivalent of a heart attack for a human. It was just too much for her, I guess, being said "good-bye" to, leaving us all for the last time.
She served us well, these past 16 1/2 years. One "heart" (motor) transplant and that's about it for the major work done on her. Heaven knows she never had any cosmetic "surgery". May you come back as a solar powered car or something equally useful in your next life, ol' Blue. We'll miss you.

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