Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break day 1

First day of spring break and all is right with the world. The sun was out, the house was clean-ish and I slept in. Hmmmm, not a bad way to spend the Monday of spring break. One of the things I did do today was Sadie's hair. Yeah, the "Princess Leia" (or however you spell it) look is back . Yep, that's a bun on either side of her head. It's kinda cute but very hard to do.
A sure sign of spring about to be sprung is the popsicle guy having a swarm of kids around him. Proof positive...
And, for our evening meal, Madeline prepared a lovely dining experience for us in honor of our 12th anniversary which was yesterday. Here is the menu.

It reads "beautiful by Madely" and "Just desserts". Inside, you had the choice of several sandwiches, chips with dips, hugs, kisses, a variety of drinks and several desserts.

She took the orders, made the food and delivered it. She even had candles lit and music.
What a lovely way to end the first day of spring break '09. Thanks, Madeline, you really made the day special.
Looks like there's not many more posts before the 500th. Be looking for something especially something for that. No, I don't know what it will "especially" be...creative? moving? heartwarming? all of the above? who knows? I sure don't. I guess we'll just have to see.

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awwood2 said...

What a sweet and special anniversary dinner! Congratulations on 12 years.