Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break at Nonnie's house

Hang on folks, it's gonna be a long one...

As you know, this week was our spring break so we went to see Nonnie in Shreveport. We had several reasons for going, not the least of which was just to get to spend time at Nonnie's house soaking in her radiance of love. OK, now that you're finished with your insulin shot...

When we got there, it was a trifecta of goodness. Not only were there Oreos there, but DOUBLE STUFFED Oreos! And, then, she handed me my very own key to her house. And, then, I opened my Christmas present from Auntie B. who had forgotten it at her house at Christmas time and look at it, it's an M&M's watch! How cute is that?

You know, the belated Christmas thing is quite all right. I still have the presents I made for my family in my scrapbooking stuff. There's a little hint for y'all (the family) - not the general reading public, I didn't make enough for everyone. Yeah, yeah, I know, I should have but heavens - I only have so much time...ANYWHO...maybe they'll get them before next Christmas, maybe not. My choir buddies didn't get their gifts until Lent had started. But, they still liked them!

After getting out of the van, the girls decided it was hot enough to play in the hose. So, play in the hose they did.
Then, we put together this awesome High School Musical puzzle. OK, the puzzle was actually awesome, not necessarily the subject.

One of the reasons we went (besides the aforementioned love radiation) was so Nonnie and Mads could shop for her first Communion dress. Here are the intrepid shoppers about to go off on their adventure.
This is the only preview you get. I sent Mom with the camera and she says she took pics of the "discarded" dresses, but I didn't see any. That's OK, Mom, y'all picked the best one anyway.
According to Mumsey, When they went to the store, the first dress Mads saw she said "that's the dress I want" and although Mom made her try on several more, the first dress was indeed the dress and that's the one they got.
After they got back, we went down to the park and fed the ducks...

...and took pictures...

...lots of pictures.
Another reason, well, we actually decided to do this after the trip was planned, was to take pictures of Mads in her Communion dress and the girls in their Easter dresses at the Norton Art Gallery.

Here is my sister, Pamela, in charge of the veil.

We were scouting out places to take pictures when we ran across...

Pamela had an unnatural fondness for him.

Aaron even came up to see his Mommy and his sisters!

You may be wondering why no pics of the girls in their finery. Well, it's been a long-standing tradition on this blog not to post Easter pics before Easter and certainly, I could not post a first Communion dress picture before the actual big day. You'll just have to tune in for those big reveals.
Today, on the way home, we stopped between Longview and Kilgore to see an old high-school friend that I'm now in touch with thanks to Facebook. We have other plans to get together but at least we saw each other a few minutes today. Thanks, Colleen, for taking time out of your day! I enjoyed it!

This is Colleen and I (her son Zack is only months older than Anna!). She runs (alot). I don't.
Hey, if you're not on Facebook, you should go on there and just check it out. I've gotten in contact with lots of people from my past. It's really a neat thing.

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