Thursday, November 08, 2007

Picture day

Ok, it will be an "anna-centric" blog today. She had her first "school pictures" taken today. She was still dressed in her "finery" when I picked her up so I took advantage and took some pictures. She had her binkie in her mouth but obliged when I asked her to take it out.
Notice her new "dress" shoes.

Oh, my, how cute is she? How many times have I asked that on this blog. Sorry, I just think she is. Good thing, she's enough to drive me crazy, 'til I look at her and she gives me a cute little smile, or a kiss, or hugs my neck.
A very cool thing that happened today is...AARON WILL FOR SURE BE HERE FOR CHRISTMAS (thanks, Mom)! We got his flight today and he'll be here for almost 2 weeks. I'm very much looking forward to his visit. The one in the summer was too short and filled with - oh, I don't know - broken legs and all. Sorry, Mom, I couldn't resist!
And another thing, my Mumsey is finally released from Drs. and therapy. She's healed!
Go Mumsey!!!!!
I will have pictures of our Prinicpal with the "color of the year" for his hair. We had the carnival this past weekend - that accounts for the lack of blogging - I'm just now recovering. But I have to hook the other camera up to the computer and it requires a little more stamina than I have at this moment. It will be coming soon.

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