Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Baby Shower, Prison Break

Sunday, we went to a Baby Shower for Ashley and Scott. The Grandmother-to-be is seen in the picture below in the purple shirt and blue jeans. That's Conrad's sister, Dana. I love her! She's always so intuitive and dead on with advice and such a gracious hostess. And, her husband, Sam, makes a great margarita and even better salsa.
The Wanglers always play charades at family get-togethers. This is Madeline trying her hand.
This is the newest Wangler out and about, Eva Brooke. Proud Momma, Esther, doesn't even look like she had a baby six weeks ago. What a beauty (both Esther and Eva)!

Then we move on to today. Last week, they told us that today the dance studio where Madeline takes dance would look a little different. They would be filming "Prison Break" there today. Well, Anna and I "just happened" to get there a little early and "just happened" to get close enough to take some pictures.
This is the mural that was on the side of the dance studio.
This is a picture of them shooting the show. We heard them yell "QUIET!" and "ROLLING!" and then "CUT!". I asked if we could get closer and this guy told me as long as I didn't take any pictures. Well, why don't you just cut off my arms? Anyway, I got closer and saw Dominic Purcell, the star of the show and let me just tell you, he is CUTE! But, oddly, there was a guy who was part of the show but not on it that was just as cute. Sorry, Dominic.
When I was walking back to get Madeline from dance, I saw these people, associated with the show and asked if I could take their picture for my blog. They were very kind and obliging. I wish I had had one of my cards to give them so they could see themselves. Oh well, opportunity missed.

This is while they were filming (while I was still far enough back that I guess it didn't matter if I was taking pictures or not because the guy who told me not to take pictures didn't say anything about me filming). Anyway, you can hear what they say when they finish a scene. The filming is above the vans, if you can see that, then I pan around so you can see what goes on during filming.

This was pretty exciting stuff for "downtown" Arlington. I enjoyed seeing T.V. being made right in front of my eyes.

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