Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving part one

The girls had their "Thanksgiving Feasts" at school on Tuesday. These are the things Madeline is thankful for; my pet rocks, noodle (Isabella, her friend), Sadie, Anna, Dad and Mom, oh, and of course, let's don't forget Hannah Montana!

Blue jello, the staples of pilgrims everywhere.
The turkey at the top of the page was created by Becky Hale, Room Mom extroidinaire. Her cookies are as good as they look. Thank you, Becky, for your generosity of time and talent.
Since this is Thanksgiving and all, I would like to let you know what I am thankful for.
My family, Mom, Aunt Brownie, Uncle Howard, Pamela, Wendy, Greggy, James, Austin, Alysse, Ashlea, Aunt Janis, Taylor and his family.
And, the family that Conrad and I have created, Conrad, Sadie, Madeline and Anna. I am thankful for my sons, Jon Michel and Aaron whom I love dearly.
I am also grateful for a house to keep us warm (when we pay the bills and am grateful that all of them are paid right now), food to put on the table, and health with which to enjoy all that.
I am grateful for Conrad's family, who will surround me today, for accepting me as one of their own and loving me as much as I love them.
I am also grateful for friends, too numerous to name, thank you all for bringing joy to my life in various ways.
And, most of all, grateful for a gracious God who sees fit to give us life, in abundance, with joy, sorrow and all that inbetween stuff that we call day-to-day mundane. Thank you, God, for all my blessings, too many to count.
May you all have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving, full of love, yummy food, family and friends.

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like a day to surely be thankful for!!! God IS good all the time!!! Blessings to you and your family!!

Jackie Guadagnolo