Monday, July 28, 2008


I am truly enchanted with Enchanted the newest Disney movie out on DVD (and Blue-Ray for all you techies out there). I did not go see it in the movie theatre but I wish I had. It is a fairy tale for all ages.

It is animated in the beginning and then goes to real-life (well, as real-life as movies are). Madeline got the DVD for her 1/2 birthday party last weekend and we had TiVO'd it but now they can watch it in the living room, although except for the sleepover this past weekend, that hasn't happened. We all watch it in our room and enjoy every minute of it. Anna really likes it and calls it "chanta". This is my favorite scene. If you plan to watch the movie, I apologize for letting you see this already, but it so sweet.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to put it on here or find it anywhere but, my goodness, YouTube has EVERYTHING! Thanks YouTube!

Oh, and, Nancy, the lady that Robert (Dr. McDreamy) introduces (she has black hair and dances with Edward, Giselle's prince) played Elphaba (the Wicked Witch of the West) in Wicked on Broadway. Just a little FYI for you.

It just takes you back to when you first danced with your "true love" and that mushy feeling in your stomach. I love movies like that.

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Jen said...

I LOVE this movie, too!!!! I think I would die if I was dancing with Patrick Dempsey, looking skinny, sparkles falling from the ceiling and him singing in my ear! Ah! Did you watch on the DVD some of the hidden Disney references in the movie - like The Little Mermaid is there, etc.?