Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I could't resist putting this picture of Anna on here. Sadie took it yesterday while they were playing "Queen and princess have a picnic". They dressed up in their finery and had a picnic in the front yard. I thought this was a precious picture.

On to the update... This is the nuclear wasteland that was our oven. Notice how even the light is covered with soot. It has what looks like cobwebs and everything. Totally nasty. While I was at the store yesterday, I bought some Easy-Off (makes oven cleaning easier - tell me you didn't sing that!) and planned to spray it in there last night and let it do it's job while we slept (you'd think I wouldn't do that but...

I had a PTO "workshop" last night and while I was gone, my sweet husband sprayed down the oven. When I got home, he let me watch Josh Hamilton (of the Texas Rangers) absolutely SMASH the home-run derby record by hitting 28 home runs (the previous record was 24) while he sponged out the oven. I would see Josh hit another home-run and run in and tell Conrad "you wouldn't believe how far that one went!".

I will tell you he had already watched the home-run derby but told me that he didn't remember what happened, leading me to believe that our Josh didn't fare well. When I was watching, I thought surely he remembered this but updated him frequently anyway. I finally figured out that he wanted me to be surprised. What a sweetie. However, he Tivo'd it for me and Josh took so long with his turn that I didn't even get to see the second round so I went to bed not knowing if Josh had won or not. I saw that it came on again at 2am so I Tivo'd it and first thing this morning, I turned it on and what it recorded was the recap, not the actual derby. So I finally gave in and just listened to the guys on ESPN sing our Joshy's praises. Go Josh Hamilton! What a lovely come-back story. If you don't know it, just google his name and I'm sure you'll read all about it. By the way, he did not win the derby, he tired himself out in round one.

Back to the oven...This is what it looked like after Conrad cleaned it. Notice the heating element is broken into pieces. That's why the bottom is not clean, Conrad figured no point in cleaning it if we can't use it. So, now I have to figure out if we can get an element for this dinosaur of an oven. If not, I think a whole kitchen remodel is in order. Yeah right!

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