Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Stuff we did today

Let's see, we'll start with last night (again, I apologize for not being able to start at the top but you know, Pamela's persnickity computer and all...) We watched "There Will Be Blood" and "Dan in Real Life". Both good movies for very different reasons. And, if you ever want to expound on the meaning of "There Will Be Blood" you'll have two very eager beavers ready to listen. Frankly, I thought Daniel Day-Lewis did a better job than the guy in No Country for Old Men but, I am not, as of yet, an Oscar committee member so his Oscar will have to stand. The "Dan" movie was good and I highly recommend it.

Then, this morning, we got up...OK, really it was early afternoon because we stayed up late into the night watching movies and expounding on them and trying to figure out if what we were seeing on the balcony was someone embraced in a very long smooch or a reflection of some inanimate object below. Turns out, it was an inanimate object but man, it was fun trying to figure that out.

OK, yeah, we got up at some point and Pamela needed some scrapbooking supplies. OH, wait, that was me, I needed something (one thing) from the scrapbooking store and so we went. Then we hit the dollar store and bought about $400 worth of supplies for about $40. Pamela is actually going to make a scrapbook about her trip to Ireland and her friends there so most of that stuff is for her, but I get her leftovers! WooHoo!

We also hit an outlet mall which actually has a Croc store! They're about $10 cheaper than at a regular store (mostly card shops for some reason) where you buy them. I still can't get a pair but it sure was fun looking at all the different ones they have. We went to a bunch of other stores, too. My sister and I are the only ones I know who like to go shopping even when we don't have any money. But, we find it fun just looking.

Then, we almost got hit by the Titanic...
According to all the available propaganda, this is the actual to-scale ship used in the movie "Titanic". It's kinda cool to see.
We flat cracked this house up! OK, it's actually a Ripley's Believe it or Not museum. Very cool to look at.
Pamela and me in the foyer of the main building of our condo.

Oh, the first picture was of a sign for a restaurant called "Sadie's".

And, by way of "housecleaning": Yes, I traveled with sewing machine. It's part of my emergency kit. You never know....OK, really, I'm going to try sewing paper together (this is Lisa's sister--and I just want to let you know that my sister is nuts). My friend Jessica did it and it was really cute so I'm going to try my hand at it.

And, no, we didn't go into the fudge shop (yet).

Any other burning questions?

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